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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Alternative / Rock

Los Angeles, VT

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A Day To Remember Pro

Hardcore / Post Hardcore / Rock

Ocala, FL

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Conducting From the Grave Pro

Death Metal / Metal / Hardcore

Sacramento, CA

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Glasseater Pro

Emo / Screamo / Post Hardcore

Miami, FL

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Kids In The Way Pro

Rock / Rock / Rock

Indianapolis, IN

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  • John ...Is A Dead Man! said:
    hey what's up! pop punk from Chicago, www.purevolume.com/knockoutkid Oct 17
  • Zac Koval said:
    Hey! We wanted to share our music with you! Like post-hardcore or acoustic?www.purevolume.com/parabellumCT & www.purevolume.com/zackoval If you like it become a fan and maybe comment on what you think! Love, Zac! Mar 14
  • Viola Vixen said:
    ooo a maderan! lol Jan 26
  • Jordan Bishop (A Farewell to Arms) said:
    Hey! It would mean so much to me if you could check out my band, let us know what you think, and become a fan. Thanks! =) poppunk.hardcore.dubstep. www.purevolume.com/aftafl Dec 10
  • dhenot said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/morningerectionrawk kelsey cover, download now Dec 02
  • Underground Punk said:
    Hey! If you dig the underground music scene check out my website at www.theundergroundpunk.blogspot.com You'll find album reviews, band interviews, and more! Check it out and tell me what you think! Oct 11
  • ♥Ãłę×îş♫ said:
    Helloo =) thanks for the add Jul 29
  • alexa :] said:
    thanks for the add :). Jul 28
  • Brenda said:
    Hey thanks for the add:] Jul 28
  • ~StephyBear~ :D said:
    Sure I'll talk! :) I'm bored too : / Jul 24



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  • General: Winter Olympics

    YES the long wait for some of the greatest sports in the world , and yes they are finally HERE! Febuary 12-28, 2010 taking place in TOronto Canada YEEAH!

    Jan 14, 2010

  • General: Random Quote

    -Sigh- "ok you guys... i'm gonna go kill myself... i'll be right back" Alex-

    Nov 10, 2009



I love to get to know people so yeah... I "TRY" to message all my friends on this site even if i don't know them i try to get to know them lol so if i message you after you accept me don't be shy =P i love talking and music tennis and running are my favorite sports =] I play tennis and i am #6 singles and #2 doubles and you better be scared of my backhand because its worse than my fore hand....no joke =] message me EMAIL ME! yeeahitsfredy@live.com

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