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hey :D, I'm erinn, here's a few facts about me I am proud to say I am straight-edged, no drugs for me I LOVE to talk, and won't stop Friends are my life, and I'm always looking for new ones :D I HATE lables, but i understand that they are a part of life and we can't always complain on how UNFAIR it is to be labled. I am my own person, i love sports and anime, i love hollister and hottopic,i love dancing and i love moshing,i love going out and having a greaat time and i love staying home with my family every once in a while,i am friends with cheerleaders and kids in all honors,i CARE about my future and DO study call me a nerdd i dnt care XD, i will be your best friend but i can also be your worst enemy, love me and ill love you back :D message me, comment me, whatevs. ohh and music=life :D

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