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The Kooks Pro

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Brighton, United Kingdom

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The Audition Pro

Pop / Emo / Rock

Elmhurst, IL

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Bury Your Dead Pro

Hardcore / Metal / Screamo

Boston, MD

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from nowhere

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Rancho California, CA

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Aaron Rothe

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Denver, CO

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    hey howve u been? Sep 06
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  • markexistence said:
    eii ericka try to catch up our songs here. i played also on this band purevolme.com/missiontobreathe tnx hope u like it markk. hugs and kisses... xoxoxo Jun 18
  • Marc Motha fucka said:
    facebook... marc perla, find me Jun 05
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  • Legna Zeg said:
    Hello!!! id like to share my songs with you, check them out if your free time allows u, thanks a lot: http://www.purevolume.com/afewmemories Apr 15
  • joeboyfresh said:
    hola! Nov 19
  • Jackson said:
    hello, how are you? my name is martin, I am a member of the band "UnderDying" and we invite you to listen to our music, is metalcore / posthardcore / screamo www.purevolume.com / underdyingband thanks for your time! Have a nice day Aug 29
  • Marc Motha fucka said:
    thank you Jul 01
  • Jackson said:
    hi:) I recommend listening to this pop punk rock band called "At Breakfast http://www.purevolume.com/atbreakfast May 30


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ZOMGEEZ, Here It GoesHello miss/mister: the name's Erika & I'm 18I won't deny I'm kinda a big dealI hide behind Cassius Clay confidenceI'm some kinda angel with a sure 'nough devilish angleI'll stop with the GCH lyrics now lolI admit I'm a mess of insecuritiesThings to know about me-I sing...ALOT-I lush me some jelly beans-I will fight you for the remote -I get upset when people rag on me for being a vegetarian (I don't push my beliefs down your throat, I expect the same from you) -I stick to my guns -I humor myself with the idea of being glamorous(but only when wearing big sunglasses)The three ways to always be my thunder:1)Scream me a love songor2)Talk to me about musicor3)Send me a link to your bands pageAttention Indie/Unsigned Bands I love all bands reguardless of lable existence but I'm also highly infatuated with "underground" bands, I live for them and I love to support them so yeah, if you wanna send me a link I'd appreciate it!Awesome People of Purevolume, I Need You Front And CenterAllow me to introduce you to your new obsession: Fright From WrongFright From Wrong are so right it's scary!These guys are sure to explode with their radd riffs, tantilizing "throats", and powerful play on wordsMake sure to stop by, check these guys out and tell them what you think.But be warned, you should be prepared to be nothing short of pleaseYours always-Erika (a true natural disaster)

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