Ghost Town Pro

Electronic / Rock

Hollywood, CA

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Radio Rescue

Pop Punk

Cincinnati, OH

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My Lucidity

Rock / Alternative

Corinth, TX

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Sh! It's a Secret

Pop / Pop

Panama City Beach, FL

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The Electric Rush

Powerpop / Electronic

Bristol, IN

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Falling In Reverse Pro


Echo Park, CA

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Bruno Mars


Los Angeles, CA, CA

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Aaron Mcdonald

Acoustic / Pop

New Lenox, IL

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Skrillex Pro

Electronic / House

Los Angeles, CA

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Blood on the Dance Floor


Casselberry, FL

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A Solid State of Mind

Acoustic / Electronic / Indie

St. Charles, IL

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Post Hardcore / Screamo / Electronic

Rockwall, TX

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Sleeping With Sirens Pro

Rock / Other / Other

Orlando, FL

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Days Of Our Life

Post Hardcore / Hardcore / Other

Lviv, Ukraine

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A Farewell to Arms

Hardcore / Pop Punk

Boca Raton, FL

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Burned Airways

Electronic / Indie / Rock

Pembroke, ON

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Fireflies In June

Electronic / Experimental / Pop

Phoenix, AZ

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The Devil Wears Prada

Metalcore / Christian / Hardcore

Dayton, OH

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Tim Hatten Pro

Acoustic / Pop / Indie



Oh Tear the Veil

Hardcore / Christian / Metalcore

Louisville, OH

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  • General: Adam! <3

    You are the sweetest person I've pretty much ever met! I friggin love you! I've only known you for like 2 days and you're AMAZING. Nobody can has you but me. XD The end…

    Jan 25, 2012



Hmmm...Well, I'm Emma and I'm _____ years of age. (Stranger Danger out there) You never know who is stalking your ass. (Not that I give a flying fuck.) If you ask me secretly, I will tell you. I don't say LOL because its easier to say "Haha." I think its rather stupid. My High School is pretty sweet. I can't wait to get out though. I want a pet unicorn and I need to put up new pictures. -__- Gah, such hard work. FML. I am curretly modeling. I've been doing it since I was 3. Iv'e been offered many jobs and I have turned alot down to stay with friends and family. Many people paint me and I go to classes...sit there for like 5 hours and watch all these old people get out their canvases and paint away! XD (I get paid $50 per hour. :DD) I tried out for a Barbie commercial and didn't make it cause I skipped wrong. How the hell does a 4 year old skip wrong? >.< So, another girl got the part. :( I HAVE A HEART, so don't hurt me. If you cause drama, get the hell away from me. I dont want any part of it.There you have it. :D Sorry if it seems like im not a nice person. BUT I really am! D: I promise! I'm usually always happy. ^-^ Add me if you'd like! -Emma- ^-^ Iv'e got my eye on someone. :) Adam.

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