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  • Keith said:
    Hey I'm a drummer from St.Louis check out my FB page! Leme know if you know anybody that needs a studio drummer! I do work with ppl from all over! (P.S. feel free to like) www.facebook.com/keithbowmandrums Mar 07
  • Alana in Wonderland said:
    Hey der Mar 06
  • Dani said:
    Oh do I? :) Thats because people like us listen to fantastic music. fb me. Feb 16
  • Connor said:
    hey man please become a fan www.purevolume.com/dcodrycleanonly send any links to me that you want me to like Feb 08
  • Abigail.♥ said:
    They're my favorite. Feb 08
  • errornotvalid said:
    that's cool :) Feb 05
  • Alana in Wonderland said:
    Random dance part Feb 04
  • Courtney Lynn said:
    you are welcome Feb 04
  • Emma ^,,^ (Bewitched :3) said:
    XD Feb 03
  • misunderstood1-0-1 said:
    hello:)) im Jocelyne Feb 01



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Why hello there - my name is Jared and I'm the drummer for the band From The Dust. Awe yeah heh! We're a starting Christian/hardcore band from State College, PA! We're working on our first two songs and are in the process of recording them. Nothing too special but should sound decent for our first recording! I've also played piano since I was like.. 5 haha(: Check out my youtube! - http://www.youtube.com/user/Drummerman917?feature=mhee -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I like a ton of music from all kinds of genre's. Anything from Acoustic to Post-Hardcore! But, like most people, I don't have a taste for country or 80's. Hahah oh and I don't like classic rock. But enough of that! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- To me, my relationship with Jesus means alot. And I'm not gonna flaunt it around or anything but I'm here to talk none-the-less; about anything! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm 17, a junior in highschool, and full of pretty stupid ideas. I'll do dumb stuff that normally ends with a broken bone so my diet has consisted of alot of milk these past few months ;) I'm not sporty. Like really, it's kind of embarassing to suck at every sport haha - music is my thing so maybe this is my site! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm a pretty happy and out going person - definitely an optimist. Screamo music doesn't really fit my personality that well, but it's still my favorite kind of music so if you have any music suggestions, I'm dying to hear them(: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hopefully I'll stay on this for more than a week but I get pretty bored so maybe I'll just stop logging on after a while. But kay, cool I'm done with this now. Love you? Yeah I guess that works.

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