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Hai (= Well my names Dominic but you can call me Dom (= I live, study and work in London-England which is kind of cool, I aspire to get to America one day and live by the sea, I really love the sea, beaches and icecream and anything summer, buuuut I also love the rain and thunderstorms, I like candy and pizza but can't say I've had them at the same time buuut could be fun -Noms- Umm I like cooking, drawing and writing, skittles and cakes and anything bad like that haha, I have a serious sweet tooth like lock up your goodies and throw away the key bad haha =P I'm Bi and my Boi Evan is on here with me -Hugs to him- Music is life and without it I'd be a zombie oooh zombies are cool haha ummm ehhhny way haha before we have a "ooh shiny thing" moment imma goin' to end this haha so if you want know anything else just msg me (=

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