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I didn’t believe God would want me, someone so much weaker than He

So although I heard Him knocking on my door I didn’t even want Him to see me

Inside I was ready to give up on love without knowing what it meant

I didn’t know what it looked like even though I heard “I’m proud of you.” so my vision of love was always bent

See I was always made fun when I was a little kid

And ever since then I didn’t trust love so I hid

…Until one night I heard a voice clear as day

It said something unforgettable before it we parted ways

“I have always loved you no matter who you were or what you did”

Out of fear I called out to the voice “Who are You and what do You bid?"

To my surprise it answered and said “Fear not for I Am, I will be, and I have always been”

After hearing Him out I quickly realized who I was talking to

He said “What else is a loving King to do than to step down from His throne and take the fall for you?

It’s not love that hurts, but love that endures the hurt

And you won’t understand that until your heart feels what Mine felt

 You were in first place on pace for the gold but you were running the wrong way and destined to lose

No sooner would you have pulled through that I pursued and got ahold of you

You turned your back on Me when My brow was sweating blood

I got the wind knocked out of Me so you could take another breath…that’s love

The spikes with your name on them were driven through My innocent hands

Over and over I was thrown to the ground so you would have a chance stand

And for you I would do it all over again

So just trust, open up your heart, and let Me in

I know it’s not as easy as A-B-C

But over time you will see why I would lift you up, get on My knee, pull out a ring, and ask ‘Will YOU marry ME?’”

Posted Mar 06, 2010 at 11:36pm

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