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Recent studies show that barbecuing on a charcoal grill the improper way produces compounds that could be the culprit behind the growth of cancer cells in the colon, stomach, intestine, spleen, and prostate, to name a few. But this is not limited to the use of charcoal grills; gas grill does also have the same effect.

The two substances that are formed when barbecuing are described in the following. The first compound that is produced when meats are grilled is called the heterocyclic amine or HCA. This compound is found out be carcinogenic by the USA's National Institute of Health. The HCAs are the resultant of the burning meat when overcooked or char-grilled over high fire. There are certain lab experiments that are done with rodents that are fed with burnt meat that has high amounts of HCAs that show the rats developing cancers in their breasts, colon, and prostate a few weeks later. Its effects on humans are still being studied and up to now, there are no conclusive results yet.

The second compound that is produced when certain meats are smoked is called the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon or PAH. These are carried onto the food through the smoke that is actually formed when fats from the meat drip onto the hot charcoal and the smoke produced touches the meat. PAH is actually formed on the food during the char-grilling process.

But this does not mean that you should stop grilling, smoking, or barbecuing anymore and enjoy the delicious aroma of burnt meat. The following are certain tips that can help you go around with the production of these chemicals and still enjoy the sumptuous juices of cooked meat.

After grilling or smoking, you can remove the charred portions of the meat prior to serving or eating them. This will lessen your chances of inducing the bad part of the meat that can increase the chances of you having carcinogens in your system.

Marinating the mean actually requires extra preparation but most scientists believe that these ingredients actually shields the meat from being burnt thus reducing the chances of the carcinogenic compounds attaching itself from your barbecue significantly.

As much as overcooked meat is bad for your health, so does undercooked meat. This is the reason why the practice of precooking the chicken wings or heating up pieces of swordfish or steak in an over before grilling them is a sure fire way to ensure that it is fully cooked. Flipping the meat more frequently once you have put it on the grill will significantly prevent the incidence of charring. Research indicates that flipping them frequently at low heat prevents burning so it hastens the time it takes from the grill to the dinner table.

You an exercise portion control by selecting thinner meats when buying them. Thinner meats are easier to cook so less time is needed for it on top of the grill to cook. This prevents the occurrence of charring.

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Posted Feb 25, 2017 at 2:29am



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