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Yeah here we go I had a lot of moments that didn’t last forever and I still have pieces of my heart that are missing I have to say I guess I did not know how to love because I could never keep you in my life so I have to figure out how to love so I can love someone with all my heart and that someone that I want love with all my heart is you girl because girl you complete my life without you in my life I think I would go crazy girl you are the one that knew me better than any other girl out there I know I don’t know how to love but with you next to me I think I could learn how to love because now that were not together I swear I thank about you all the time so I say can you give me another chance at your love because girl I had a lot of girls break my heart but the one that hurt the most was you and I could never learn how to love without you in my life I know we didn’t have a lot of moments together because I didn’t know how to love so now I say that I know how to love and I want you in my life so I say I want a lot of moments with you in my life so I say I know how to love.

By Dakota Loving

Posted May 18, 2012 at 11:24am



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Names Dakota loving singer i love to make/sing covers message me if u want to get to know me im a nice guy unless u piss me off lets hope u dont but i love hard rock but it has to be good not shity other then that i like other music but my fave band is Halestorm!!! i am not single (//_^) so later

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