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  • General: MESSAGE ME

    Pretty sure im bored... if your reading this you should go to the top of this page and click the lil icon that says "send a message." You really should... right now. Cu…

    Feb 03, 2010

  • General: hey! x-mas is comin up

    I need some half inch plugs. i'll take about any kind as long as it doesnt have the words "IM GAY" on them. lol. pretty sure my lovely girlfriend would have some proble…

    Nov 11, 2009

  • General: rah rrah RAH!

    So im pretty f'n bored right now. stupid effin school computer's cd drive dnt work so i cnt put a day to remember on my mp3 player. no idea why im typin it all on here…

    Oct 07, 2009


    Got a new band called Pariah. Check us out right now! love it. So yah neither pariah or modern day classic is in existence anymore not sure what wes gonna call ourselve…

    Sep 25, 2009

  • General: Someday Came Suddenly

    Someday came suddenly from Attack Attack! is one of thee best albums ive ever heard. your screaming along and then it goes into some techno dance hits and you scream al…

    May 26, 2009



BANDs i've been a part of: Modern Day Classic, (and soon to be) The Burn Down, Falling Between Elegance. Im also starting my own lil personal project, its just my name Codias Antonio. uploadin music later tonight. wow so yah like now its back into school, got my ears gauged out to a halves, and pretty excited about the new band, playin bass again. But its all good, gotta get my stuff down, and i should. Just waitin on my notes and tryin to stay excited for my birthday. 101 days. oh well, it cant come soon enough, i need some new plugs... randomn yes but im just kinda typin what is runnin thru my head. Got the best girl ever and im pretty set, 'sides the whole not bein able to play guitar right now. :/ oh well. Quite excited about Modern Day Classic's EP thats comin out soon. Figured id throw that out there ;) UHHHH idk what else to say message me i always get on here and i have no nothing and i feel so let down... like bleh nobody loves me. :,( so i dnt even care if ive never talked to you b4 in my life. SEND ME A MESSAGE. please. Love to hear from people. I can keep you updated on things and let out some secrets like upcoming releases and things of that sort. Deffinaetly just found thee best guitar ever so far as ive seen. check my pics i got all my stuff in there! peace and love. Love and Miss'n her!!! - I LOVE MY COUSIN ABIGAIL ! :) My biggest mistake I'll ever make in mid sex is you accidently mixed up the super glue and the lubricant (like on American pie except you were doing more than just masturbating.).Take The biggest mistake you'll ever make in sex today!Created with Rum and Monkey's

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