Crown The Empire

Hardcore / Rock / Electronic

Dallas, TX

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Distortion Dogs

Hip Hop / Alternative / Indie

Atlanta, GA

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Verse The End

Rock / Post Hardcore / Pop

Nyack, NY

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Avalon Landing Pro

Alternative / Indie / Rock

Las Vegas, NV

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Austin Plaine Pro

Folk / Indie / Alternative

Minneapolis, MN


Lies For New Eyes (Free Covers)

Acoustic / Pop / Emo

United Kingdom

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Alternative / Pop

Brooklyn, NY

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Tori Blake

Pop / Pop

Orange County, CA

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For The Sake Of Secrets

Hardcore / Metal / Pop

Cape Cod, MA

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The Ride Down

Pop / Punk / Alternative

Oradell, NJ

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All Hands On Deck! (STREAM OUR NEW EP!)

Pop Punk / Hardcore / Pop

Torrington, CT

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The Afterlife Kids

Alternative / Rock

Florida, FL

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Verses the Octopus

Indie / Rock / Psychedelic

Deep Space/Southern California, CA

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From The Sidelines

Pop Punk / Pop / Punk

Chicago, IL

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Knockout Kid

Pop Punk / Hardcore / Rock

Chicago, IL

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Dodging Raindrops

Acoustic / Indie

Kent, OH

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Winter Gloves

Indie / Pop / Rock

Montreal, QC

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The Greater The Risk

Pop / Rock / Indie

Richmond, VA

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How To Win A War

Hardcore / Screamo / Post Hardcore

State College , PA

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Experimental / Electronic / Rap

Elk Grove, CA

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Ello people’s! I’m not sure if anyone even reads these biographies we’re suppose to write about ourselves but I’m just going to go ahead and put most of my business out there. I’m 16 and I will be turning 17 on September the 4th. I use to attend Robert E. Lee High School and now I attend school at Terry Parker High School. I don’t necessarily like to judge or put people into categories. I am not against gays, homosexuals, or lesbians. I treat everyone the same and I would never and have not shunned anyone away for being who they are. I dislike fakes, liars, and people who start a heck of a lot of drama just to get attention. I love people who act themselves around others and those that speak, not to be heard, but when they actually have something to say. I love: The type of people who act like themselves and those who try not to become like the people around them. I love music (I’m addicted to it as my parents and peers would say I always have my headphones on and when I don’t have my music with me I go crazy. I listen to a variety of music except soul, rap, and that other type of genre of music. I love songs and music from the 80's to current day). I love photography!

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