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  • Bunnie Valentine said:
    hellos :) please leave ai comment if yuh laik..... -Bunnie Valentine Mar 14


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  • New Music: music d -_- b

    I finally listened to the band Alesana. . . .their GOOD..!!! I unexpectedly laiked em ^-^ their most awesum songs (well that ai laik are..) -the lover - the murdere…

    Mar 14, 2012

  • General: My fav bands (:

    I'm completly into any rock, metal deathcore, & yea yuh get the idea x) mostly mai favorite band is Green Day & Avenged Sevenfold!!!...ohkai..seeya!

    Mar 14, 2012



I'm very into vampires(: I like any metal bands that includes stuff laik Green Day, Metallica, & yeaa...I also laik Rave, techno, and happy hardcore. The reason my name is Bunnie Valentine is because my friends call me a bunnie at times :0 & the Valentine part bcuz that is the time of the year hearts are popular xD nah jk just because of the movie My bloody Valentine seems kinda creepy and cuz having a massacre laik that on Valentines Day facinates mei x) I'm a huuge fan of a7x since laik forever oh & Green Day(: but ai still laik other stuff except country Dx laik real talk.....ohkais bai bai

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