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Pet Peeves???

What bugs you??
Add more with a comment please?

When people say "you and I" when it should be "you and me".

Drivers who don't use a turn signal.

People who drink directly out of the milk/orange juice container.

When a person makes a sucking noise with a straw when the cup becomes almost empty

People who overuse quotes from movies or TV.

When people touch the door when i hold it open for them.

People who don't say "thank you" or even acknowledge you when you hold the door for them.

People who give their kids weird names.

When people say 'supposebly' instead of 'supposedly'.

Girls who wear way too much make up.

People who dress their pets.

Overuse of the word "Like".

Shopping carts with a broken wheel.

I hate slow people walking in front of me.

How commercials are so much louder than the TV shows.

Singing along with the music when you don't actually know the words.

People who don't vote and then complain about the results.

When coffee spills out of the top drinking hole of lids on to-go coffee cups.

People who wear sunglasses indoors.

People that burp loudly in public.

Wobbly tables.

Eating in bed and leaving crumbs.

People who respond to my emails but don't include the text of the previous email in their email.


Posted Oct 28, 2009 at 10:55pm

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  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    or when people act like they're the shit and dont respond to your emails and make me look pathetic right now, and oh yeah moms trying to hit on you is annoying too.. Nov 23
  • Brittney said:
    hahahh OMGGG yessss agreeedddd!! Table Manners is huge! Feb 07
  • look for the girl with the sun in her eyes ☼ said:
    i agree with all of these xD LOL i hate when you do something nice for someone, and they don't even say thank you or anything. and when people put their elbows and the tables when they're eating, that's probably one of my biggest xD Jan 27
  • Taylor said:
    Hahaha, I agree with most of them that you said! XD One thing that bugs me is when people say they are ugly, or put themselfs down, just so they can get compliments. ALso when people hurt animals or other people for no reason. Jan 27
  • Brittney said:
    When people say "l" "o" "l" out loud. Jan 14
  • Brittney said:
    When people ask "are you okay?" and they know you are not. Dec 14
  • Brittney said:
    ommmgg yesss!!! i should add those to my list :P nice! Nov 09
  • once apon a j a c q u e™ said:
    People who chew with their mouth open. When there is no more toilet paper when your at a friends house. People who show off and act like they aren't. People who say their stupid when they ace tests and I get D's. Nov 07
  • Brittney said:
    -Not having exact change. -One song on the radio that is over-played. -When you score a goal on yourself in foosball or air hockey. Nov 03
  • Brittney said:
    LOL good! i am gald someone understands me! Nov 02
  • Jay webster said:
    omg i can totally comprehend to what youre saying Nov 01
  • Brittney said:
    lol good one!(; Oct 30
  • WALLS OF jake said:
    don't forget about wobbly chairs.. lol Oct 30
  • Brittney said:
    haha and when people say they are "photographers" when they take a picture of a flower and trun it black and white lol...thats annoying too...all i have to say is good effort lol Oct 29
  • Brittney said:
    ooo another one.... When people take pictures and the camara is in the picture, i know everyone does it...but it bugs me lol XD Oct 29

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