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Secondhand Serenade

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Indianapolis, IN

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  • Dan said:
    Hi, Im Dan. I write songs and such. I live in zanesville I'd truly appreciate your opinion on my songs. They're just rough demos but if you like it you can download it free Im all for file sharing or whatever. Or you could just stop by and talk to me or somethin. I'll try my best not to be a self glorifying promotional drone purevolume.com/danblackwell Sep 23
  • LexiHasYourSkittles said:
    Heyyy there Feb 04
  • Jesse said:
    hey :) I saw you on For All Those Sleeping's page. I have a band called Amyst, which is pretty similar to FATS, you should check it out :] we have a new song up that you can download for free. let me know what you think yeah? ~Jesse~ Jan 10
  • Bob Ash said:
    check out my band. we sound like secret and whisper :) http://www.purevolume.com/amyst Dec 20
  • MacKenzie said:
    heyy(: Sep 09
  • Kristina Lynch said:
    Hey there! You have a great taste in music! Could you do me a huge favor and check out my Youtube channel? I know it's a hassle and everyone sends you these dumb advertisements that you probably won't like anyway, but it must be done! Anyway, even if you don't check out my covers, thanks for reading this anyway, I greatly appreciate your time. I do covers of Emarosa, Broadway, All Time Low, A Day To Remember, and whatever songs you want me to. Check it out if you have a minute! http://www.youtube.com/user/xsingittomex Aug 03
  • *Dance-Julie-Dance* adding new pics :D PC4PC? said:
    Heyy =) I'm Juliee Jul 31
  • alexa :] said:
    Hi there :) Jul 05
  • And A Baby That Looked Like A Marshmellow, I Was Stoned And Wanted To Eat It said:
    Heya :) Jul 02
  • Lexieeebaby said:
    do you know where is dayton lol im right next to it :] Jul 01



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Heylo, how are you? Me I'm fine. (shaking your hand) my name is brandon holland. I was born and live in Newark Ohio. I was born on jan. 7th 1993. That means so far I've lived for 17yrs. Who knows could be longer or could end now. I love sports. I love skateboarding and snowboarding. Music is what I escape to. I write my own even know I can't sing. I also write poetry and many things published. :] I am a nerd. I know more about computers than u can count. I love video games. One vs one me if your think ur good enough or just wanna play. BLT082408 is me on the xbox. I drive and love it. I do believe in god. I have problems but who cares. It makes me, me. I love the discovery channel and ncis. Well that's what I got to say. So after Reading this you might laugh and leave. Idc I'm doing a puzzle. Backwards with my hands tied. Yeah I'm that cool. But not as cool as Forrest gump. I love that movie:] i do text. ask me for my number if ya want to chat. i'm very nice. i got a facebook you can look me up and we can be friends on there too :)

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