• James Coleman said:
    Hi! You should check out my band's page @ purevolume.com/take_2 and become a fan! Jul 13
  • John ...Is A Dead Man! said:
    hey what's going on :D www.purevolume.com/knockoutkid May 09
  • Chaaaawwley said:
    hello :) how are you? btw do you have a twitter? if so follow me and i will too haha :D www.Twitter.Com/ZipperRog Dec 30
  • carajoHC said:
    If you like hardcore/metal music check us out 5HIELD 4 THIS WAR from SANTIAGO HC CHILE TAKE CARE http://www.purevolume.com/54tw Sep 25
  • Jack said:
    hi:) whats up? I am a member of the group called "UnderDying" Metalcore Post Hardcore www.purevolume.com/underdyingband thanks, have a good day! Aug 06
  • Jackson said:
    hi:) I recommend listening to this pop punk rock band called "At Breakfast www.purevolume.com / atbreakfast May 28
  • Breezey_FF5 said:
    hey! kiss my white @$$ May 24
  • Ryan said:
    hey, thanks for the add Apr 24
  • fatguitarninja said:
    hey sorry for not replying sooner!! Apr 21
  • Cassie said:
    lol yea thats ok i haven't been on for a while either. god guys just don't understand sometimes, but don't worry im happy:) lol hbu, how r the guys treatin u? Apr 09
  • Mykel said:
    hey i was just wondering if you could take the time to check out my band beyond berlin. We are a band from saint louis missouri and we are trying to get our music out. We provide music. Music is more than something you hear, it is something you feel. Music drives you, it can feed your emotional pain, and it can bring light to a dark and sinful place. A song is more than 3 minutes of noise; it is moment in life where everything you feel comes to you in a few poetic phrases. The music is all around you; we are here to add to that feeling, desire, and light. We are beyond berlin. Listen and tell us what you think; don't judge or dislike. Tell us what drives you or what makes you feel happy inside. Music creates a great positive that feels like nothing else in the world. We make music because its what we have to do. we love it and we would love it if you could check us out and just say hello. thanks so much it means the world to us you have no idea. purevolume.com/beyondberlin or at myspace.com/beyondberlin. we are beyond berlin thank you soooooooo much :) Apr 09
  • Michael said:
    hello!!!!!!!!!!! im great how about you :P Apr 08
  • onetouchban1 said:
    hey :) Apr 08
  • ryan. said:
    im peachy, yourself? Apr 07
  • And A Baby That Looked Like A Marshmellow, I Was Stoned And Wanted To Eat It said:
    i brought the most cuterst bow today, its big and red. i fell in love with it when i saw it :D Apr 07
  • Chaaaawwley said:
    haha they do i got lots of them Apr 07
  • Jared Kolb.... Options man said:
    well i can go outside but i have to stay on property cause im on house arrest. so i figured whats the point, theres nothin to do in the driveway or yard ha Apr 06
  • R said:
    that's cool. and yeah, I have a lot of comments to answer back too Apr 06
  • NeverOnHere(Hit my links up) said:
    Ha thanks, I try :D So whats up :) Apr 06
  • fatguitarninja said:
    not to much new.. i might get my drivers license soon. and i might got to a show this weekend? hopefully haha. what about you? Mar 30

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