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The world of business now is being redefined by the digital web world. Business is now no longer limited to the actual physical world. During the year 2014 November, the Tech City has launched the Digital Business Academy ensuring the first online learning medium that provides knowledge to develop business and enterprising skills to students. Any individual desiring to develop his or her own business can opt for this course.  Learn more about UK's efforts to help entrepreneurs at Joanna Shields Digital Business Academy.

All the residents of UK are eligible to enroll for the program with no prior qualification. The main objective of such an object oriented program online is to encourage people by the government of United Kingdom to help people grow their own enterprises online. This is how they are doing it.

• Asking students to first plant the seed of an idea in their minds - It is said that every big idea was once as small as a seed. With months and years of hard work in the right direction it grows to be a huge plant. Hence, the UK government by launching the digital Business Academy program helps people to plant the seed of their idea online.

• Setting up of the business digitally – Once the idea is freeze one can begin setting up the company identification and formation digitally. Beginning from planning stock, setting up the company, recruiting employees, arranging capital resources and selling and promoting everything can be done digitally.

• Managing the product or business – Then comes the time to develop the product. Hence one must come up with the vision and develop the product by ordering online. Creating planning documents, researching about materials, cost etc all can now be planned online for developing the end product.

• Promotional campaign – Question now comes as to how to market the product created. Developing the strategy to marketing, costs involved in a promotional campaign and how to use various techniques to master marketing is the main requirement at this stage.

• Brand building – UK government’s online business building helps individuals to build up their brands right on the web. Everyone wants that the product manufactured must be so unique that it stands out from rest of the similar products found in the market. For this a close study of the competitors is a must.

• Digital marketing and its advantages – The program also teaches you how you can take the most of a digital marketing resource. Understanding how you can reach out to your target user online , why will they buy your product , how to keep costing minimum so it gets an edge over other products are all part of the programme at this level.

• Launching a marketing campaign – The Digital Business Academy and its online business learning programme helps one learn how one can channelize the resources available online for an ideal marketing campaign. Every brand needs a great well planned cost effective marketing campaign to begin with.

• Finance management – Such programs also help you keep your cost low and help keep you aware of your finances well.

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