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A Thousand Times Repent

Hardcore / Metalcore / Christian

Smyrna, GA

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Mae Pro

Rock / Alternative

Chesapeake, VA

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Never Shout Never Pro

Pop / Indie / Acoustic

Belle Center, MO

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The Wedding Pro

Rock / Rock / Rock

Springdale, AR

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Jon Foreman Pro

Acoustic / Folk / Indie

Encinitas, CA


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  • Zac Koval said:
    Hey! I just wanted to share my free demos with you! =] www.purevolume.com/zackoval and my HxC band www.purevolume.com/parabellumCT Become a fan if you like them! May 01
  • .all.of.this.is.to.glorify.Your.name. said:
    hello hello :) Aug 14
  • said:
    Ah same for me. :) Except I have a few weeks left of summer. And will do. :) Aug 13
  • Mazhep Arciniega said:
    Hello :) Aug 12
  • Brenda said:
    Lol. Senior year will go by fast. I hardly remember my senior year haha Aug 12
  • Brenda said:
    My sister plays that...or maybe it's the alto...I'm not sure haha. I played clarinet. I never really liked any piece I played in school other that what I played last year for concert season haha. What grade are you in? Aug 12
  • Brenda said:
    Aw that sucks. What do you play? You sound great btw:] Aug 12
  • Brenda said:
    Lmao I remember those days. I marched for three years and I hated it. Quit my senior year haha. Sure, I'll check it out:] Aug 12
  • Brenda said:
    Fun fun:] I actually can't wait for summer to be over lol. I love the winter:] Aug 12
  • Brenda said:
    So what's up buddy?:] Aug 12


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  • General: Musicc!!:)

    Hey guys, I would so love it if you would check out my artist profile at http://www.purevolume.com/afinalsentiment   I'm really excited about maybe putting out an EP s…

    Jan 24, 2010



http://www.purevolume.com/AFinalSentiment That's a link to my artist page. Check it out if you want to (: My music on there currently is acoustic stuff, some originals with acoustic & singing, and one acoustic instrumental. I love getting feedback on my music so check it out if you have a spare minute! Thanks:) My name is Andrew Riley. I love making new friends, and can't stand to lose an old one, especially if I care about them. I hate hurting people, and I'll usually let myself be hurt if it saves someone else from that. I try to live my life for my lord Jesus Christ, but I still have some trouble with that, as everyone does. Let's face it, nobody's perfect. Music is my biggest passion in life. I realllly want to go to Berklee to further my musical career. I am blessed with being very smart, but I'd much rather have a musical occupation than one that pays well, haha. I write songs about what I'm feeling, and usually I'm in love with someone. Hence, all my songs are either love songs, or songs about how someone I was in love with hurt me or something. Guitar is the coolest instrument ever. Period. :) I also play sax though, tenor sax to be specific. I love jazz and blues. I don't like playing classical stuff much, but enjoy it on the guitar. As far as musical likings go, mine tend to be along the lines of acoustic, rock, metal, hardcore, classic rock, and much more. I don't count out artists usually. For instance, I used to hate Paramore, but I actually quite enjoy their new album. Anywho, I'm just a dude trying to have fun. (: Thanks for reading, though I doubt anyone actually read this far down haha. Oh and message me or post on my profile if you want. Like I said, I love meeting new people:)

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