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Ive been a bassist for about 3 years Im Catholic,In AP art. Not a Die hard Catholic but I will stand up for my beliefs. Straight edge but I know how to have fun. Fav Music: Metal, punk and Ska(i listen to everything except Country, R&B and opera) Fav Color: Red Fav Animal: Zebra(Random Right?) Pet Peeves: Any type of posers, hippies and cockiness Height: 5'6-ish Weight: 141 lbs Hair color: black Eye color: Dark Brown Birthday: June 17th 1992 Fun Facts About me: 1.My tounge is 3in. long 2.I can flip my belly button inside out 3.I can whistle without using my lips 4.I can lick my elbow and my nose 5.I can blow bubbles with my tounge 6.My middle name is James 7.I'm really funny 8.The only bone i've broken was the tip my middle finger 9.I dont really get mad unless you want to be a punk that thinks they're tough 10.I will eat anything 11.I've seen Pee wee's Big Adventure tons of times(it's hilarious, u should watch it) 12.I love Art( Ive taken 2 and a half yrs of it and will until senior year) 13.MXPX is my favorite punk band 14. Streetlight Manifesto is my favorite ska band 15.I have 10 siblings 16. I tore one of the ligaments in my knee last January, had surgury in July and I tore it again like 4 monthes later 17.I talk a lot,so comment or even better send me a message, i will talk to you and i will add you as a friend not just another number 18. I LOVE peanutbutter and Chocolate and Ketchup, but not all together 19. I like sending random messages just to talk 20.My memmory sux really really badly 21.Im Mexican, Salvi, French, and Italian 22.I love to draw 23.And everyone at my school thinks im black 24. I can backflip on the ground 25.I belive in the paranormal and into Cryptozology(the study of hidden animals) like Bigfoot or the Chupacabra 26. And im the reason why Waldo is hiding, lol COMMENT MY PICS PLEASE "I don't need a music scene to tell me who I am"-Streetlight Manifesto MY GOAL IS TO HAVE AS MANY FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE SO HIT ME UP

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