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When you plan out bucks nights, you want to create an ambiance that charges the air. You want fun, you want energy, and you want camaraderie. Depending on how elaborate your party is supposed to be, you might be planning out special drinks, decorations, and more. Whether it's a casual night at someone's home or a big get-together at a bar, one thing that no stag party can be without is a memorable soundtrack. Here are a few great songs recommended by our friend at XXX Bucks Parties in Sydney, to include in your bucks party ideas. Some are new, some are old, and they're all club songs to get your party off the ground: 

"On to the Next One," Jay-Z 
Whether you're moving on to the next shot or celebrating an important transition in life, this classic Jay-Z song is a crowd pleaser. With a mesmerizing chant that weaves in with the backbeat, this track is sure to be stuck in your head for days - but in a good way.

"SMS (Bangerz)," Miley Cyrus 
Produced by Mike Will, this is your classic club jam. A catchy hook, lots of bass, and Miley Cyrus's evolved vocals make this energetic song perfect for bucks nights.

"Shots," LMFAO 
This party track really needs no explanation. What better way is there to encourage you and your buddies to throw back whiskey and have a good time? 

"Timber," Pitbull ft. Kesha 
This energetic, faux-country-influenced pop song gives a nod to your good old-fashioned square dance. Plus, you can't go wrong with Pitbull's signature raspy voice and Kesha's impressive vocal range.

"0 to 100/The Catch Up," Drake 
This is a song that can make anyone feel like a badass - it works just as well blasting through a car stereo as it does creating a current through a packed dance floor. Equal parts mellow and charged, it provides a respite from your classic fast-paced party pop. 

"Work Out," J. Cole 
If your bucks party ideas include beat-driven hip hop with smart vocals, J. Cole is the perfect artist to include. The refrain makes for an easy sing-a-long if you're drunk enough, and it's great background music if you aren't. 

"Right Round," Flo Rida 
This song has a place in the bachelor party hall of fame thanks to its role in The Hangover. It's one of the older songs on the list, but years of play at parties have rendered it timeless. 

"Heartless," Kanye West 
Kanye can bring up the mood in any room, and despite the sad tale this song chronicles, its upbeat, panpipe-influenced composition is a fantastic addition to a party. Plus, it's well known enough that one or two of your friends are guaranteed to start rapping along. 

"In da Club," 50 Cent 
This song works well in the bucks party context because it chronicles what you're probably doing at an all-guys party. Maybe you're in a club, maybe not, but you're probably surrounded by "bottles full of bub" or something similar. 

"Bitch Better Have My My Money," Rihanna 
This is a new song, but it's already catching on. It's Rihanna's take on gangsta rap, and it's a crowd-pleaser for sure.

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