Rock / Alternative / Powerpop

San Diego, CA

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Taking Back Sunday Pro

Rock / Alternative / Rock

Lakeview, NY

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Scary Kids Scaring Kids Pro

Indie / Rock / Post Hardcore

Gilbert, AZ

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Nevertheless Pro

Rock / Emo / Indie

Chattanooga, TN

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Mourning September Pro

Rock / Indie / Pop

Tulsa, OK

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The Fold Pro

Rock / Indie

Northwoods, IL

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Cry of the Afflicted

Metal / Rock / Post Hardcore

Kelowna, BC

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As Cities Burn

Rock / Indie / Experimental

Baton Rouge, LA

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Promise of Redemption Pro

Acoustic / Ambient / Pop

Newtown, PA

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Rock / Alternative / Progressive

Eustis, FL

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Screamo / Hardcore / Alternative

Tampa, FL

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Norma Jean Pro

Metal / Metalcore


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Haste The Day Pro

Metal / Hardcore / Screamo

Indianapolis, IN

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Demon Hunter Pro

Metal / Alternative

Seattle, WA

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Starflyer 59 Pro

Indie / Rock


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Spoken Pro

Alternative / Rock

Fayetteville, AR

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MxPx Pro

Pop Punk / Punk / Alternative

Bremerton, WA

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FM Static (New Song Posted Just For PV) Pro

Punk / Pop / Alternative


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Kutless Pro

Christian / Rock

Portland, CA

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Hawk Nelson Pro

Pop Punk / Punk / Alternative


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  • General: SM3 ROCKS!!!

    ok so...yesturday i went to go see SM3 with some of my friends...and i've got one work for the movie...AMAZING!!!...seriously the annimation was good...everything the m…

    May 06, 2007

  • General: this is cool i guess

    What is the single largest item in your house? umm lets see prolly the umm well uhh well there's the...oh that doesn't count...umm I'd have to say the umm...oh yes…

    Apr 17, 2007

  • General: SM3

    GUYS YOU HAVE TO CHECK THESE PLACES OUT... http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=51387 that is a trailer with venom in it...then go here... http://www.gametraile…

    Apr 10, 2007

  • General: i feel rejected

    so well really i don't but still i thought i'd say that just for the fun of it...but anyway...umm i have a solo artist page here on purevolume...it's called...A Heart R…

    Apr 06, 2007

  • General: umm...uuh...well...see...it was sorta like this

    hey dudes...did you know that i umm...well nvm...so when i was just about yesturday old i was 25!!...ok enough of this extreme randomness!!!...i'm not 25 don't worry (a…

    Apr 06, 2007



Ok so now for the cool part i got to talk about me!:)!! Ok so my life can be pretty much summed up by some words...such as...Music, School, Friends, and Boredom! so music...i'm in 2 bands (counting my solo thing) Gozur...this is a band that i play drums for...i joined it not too long ago...if i remember correctly about 3 months ago...it's pretty cool...we don't have a PV but our myspace is what i put down as my website...Prom Queen Failure...PQF is my solo project...it's just me but it sounds as though there was a whole band playing...it's awesome...it's a Punk/Alternative/Rock sound...but it's pretty cool...i've got way to many influences to name...if you want to check it out it's purevolume.com/promqueenfailure...School...ok not so much anymore seen as i've now finished for the year back on April 23rd...but it still is a big part of my life when it is going on...Friends...man where would i be without them...besides in God's arms obviously...my best friend Robert and i we hang out all the time...as well as some other friends of mine...Boredom...well as i said i no longer have school so i'm bored a lot of the time...so yeah...that takes up the time i'm not doing the other stuff...sometimes even bleeds into it...oh and one thing i forgot...i seem to be on a song marathon if you will...i'm pretty much writing at least 3 songs a week...that's good for CD reasons but sometimes it does get a little annoying...lol anyway that's me in a sort of nutshell...shoot me a comment or message and i'll be sure to get back to ya

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