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  • Jackson said:
    hi:) what up? I am a member of the group called "At breakfast" pop punk rock http://www.purevolume.com/atbreakfast thanks,good luck! Jun 16
  • CAiTlYN KElTNER said:
    the tea pot pic..i think i figured out why ur comp wont let you see it. youve changed your URL and [this happened to me while tryin to comment it so i figured it out haha] when you try to go to them, its still under habeebklavsdayemery, and so you have to erase that part of the url while its loading and type in Anasoraman and then push enter again. and then it works! haha. AND. what does ur name even mean? so what does PQF stand for? Jul 14
  • CAiTlYN KElTNER said:
    hah well thats cool! oh and you should def put the tea pot pic as ur main; its inSAne. lol :) yeah, she said she had to walk to church one day..and it was in 2 inch heels. and it hurt. lol. wow random. but newayz..yeah i totally agree. Sara's changed too. like thats obviously her in my pic with me, but theres no more red hair, its somewhat shorter, and just different. as well as her. well..she looks silly in that pic. haha, but yeah. apparently we were takin a silly excited pic and i didnt get the memo, so Sara looks real crazy excited and im like CHEEZE! haha :) so how are you? Jul 07
  • CAiTlYN KElTNER said:
    hey! so i dk if you rememebr me? but newayz, i dont know if you rememebr Sara either..haha, (Sara Richardson) but she told me to tell you howdy! and um, something about 2 inch heels, haha one of yalls inside jokes she said..but yeah! so uve changed..alot haha but how are you? wats up? Jul 02
  • Kim_22 said:
    yeah hope you guys do have fun =) Jun 04
  • Kim_22 said:
    oh sweet..i was there like a few months ago. Jun 04
  • Kim_22 said:
    hahaha you sureee =) and ive been pretty good how about yourself? Jun 02
  • Kim_22 said:
    haha exactly Jun 01
  • Kim_22 said:
    haha yeah that is true. Jun 01
  • Kim_22 said:
    really..wow i have to get a job this summer ehh May 29


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    Apr 06, 2007



Ok so now for the cool part i got to talk about me!:)!! Ok so my life can be pretty much summed up by some words...such as...Music, School, Friends, and Boredom! so music...i'm in 2 bands (counting my solo thing) Gozur...this is a band that i play drums for...i joined it not too long ago...if i remember correctly about 3 months ago...it's pretty cool...we don't have a PV but our myspace is what i put down as my website...Prom Queen Failure...PQF is my solo project...it's just me but it sounds as though there was a whole band playing...it's awesome...it's a Punk/Alternative/Rock sound...but it's pretty cool...i've got way to many influences to name...if you want to check it out it's purevolume.com/promqueenfailure...School...ok not so much anymore seen as i've now finished for the year back on April 23rd...but it still is a big part of my life when it is going on...Friends...man where would i be without them...besides in God's arms obviously...my best friend Robert and i we hang out all the time...as well as some other friends of mine...Boredom...well as i said i no longer have school so i'm bored a lot of the time...so yeah...that takes up the time i'm not doing the other stuff...sometimes even bleeds into it...oh and one thing i forgot...i seem to be on a song marathon if you will...i'm pretty much writing at least 3 songs a week...that's good for CD reasons but sometimes it does get a little annoying...lol anyway that's me in a sort of nutshell...shoot me a comment or message and i'll be sure to get back to ya

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