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Allergies are some of the most difficult part of people's lives. As for treatment options, it is extremely difficult to find a treatment that does not include large amounts of medication, chemicals, or other unsightly ingredients. However, there are natural supplements to both the symptoms and the causes of allergies and allergic reactions. Because allergic reactions are just the immune system misinterpreting a harmless substance, removing the substance is often not an option. Instead, finding ways to change the way the immune system reacts or dealing with the symptoms as they arise is often the best choice. Many supplements exist in the market to aid in the fight against seasonal and year-round allergies and their symptoms.

The best natural product for allergies is usually a form of antihistamine, which is a special supplement that is the opposite of a histamine (which cause most allergic symptoms). A commonly accepted supplement called butterbur. Butterbur is the name used to refer to plants in the sunflower family, which have a variety of medicinal uses. It is integral that butterbur is obtained from a reputable medical facility, because the raw substance is toxic. When refined, however, it can be used as an anti-inflammatory to treat itching and nasal irritation.


Another common allergic symptom is swelling of the face or exposed body. Bromelain supplements, which are derived from pineapple stems, can be used as an anti-inflammatory similar to butterbur. The only downside to bromelain is that it has not been given much attention by research facilities. Taking the pill should aid in reducing swelling of sinus areas but there are no guarantees as to the effectiveness.

Two of the most common anti-inflammatories are CoQ10 and Fish Oil. Fish Oil contains great amounts of Omega fatty-acids, and CoQ10 is a strong source of antioxidants. These two in conjunction may not cure allergic shock or prevent a severe reaction, but ensuring that these supplements are a part of one's diet will help to keep the body prepared to combat inflammation. When an allergic reaction occurs, it is more likely for someone living an unhealthy diet to notice a higher inflammation risk and possibly even a greater danger, because of the higher degree of inflammation.

For allergies on a whole however, many supplements, including the ones listed above, may provide small benefits that work towards a greater end. Regular vitamins keep the immune system in control, providing a helping hand towards ensuring it is never too uncouth in the face of otherwise harmless substances. Specifically, Vitamin C can keep the cells that produce histamines calm, preventing large amounts from being created and causing too much damage. All around, keeping a healthy diet is one of the best ways to fight allergy season, and monitoring sleep patterns to maximize on the functionality of the immune system and all other bodily functions. The best natural allergy relief supplements are not medication, but must be taken with caution like medication. None of the above supplements are meant to treat life threatening conditions, but serve as guidelines to a happier lifestyle.

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