• Pattt said:
    or we could just make friends with random people from random states then go there get drunk with them and then come back nd show all our friends pictures of how awesome we are. Feb 08
  • Pattt said:
    hahhaah cause then we'd never see this beautiful website again. lets become friends with all the bands Feb 08
  • Pattt said:
    purevolume kids Feb 06
  • Jared Kolb.... Options man said:
    saw you like mgmt. =D also, um your real cute heh Aug 31
  • said:
    heyy, whats good? ;) Feb 20
  • Dexter Morgan said:
    hey :P Dec 05
  • kai said:
    N# (8bit/nintendocore) Nov 08
  • SkankkFacee(: said:
    Hey doll how are you? Oct 27
  • Jc Undone/ Johnny Braindead said:
    hey:) if you want sumting new check out my music here new song "the gift and the memory" leave a comment and be a fan if you like my stuff and i got new short video you can watch called: "No Sense At All" then tell me what you think about it thank you:) www.purevolume.com/jcundone www.youtube.com/NOWICALLEDMYSELF Oct 26
  • ol' steve said:
    hey if you like tdwp then you oughta check out "the thing at the top of the stairs" its my friends band :] they're dirty as all get out aha Oct 21
  • still_remains said:
    Hey, how's it going? Sep 17
  • carlos said:
    hey thanks for the add!!!!! and visit the blackmirror myspace!!!!1 Sep 01
  • Malachi said:
    search "play the bones" Aug 25
  • sammma. said:
    heey thanks for the add :] Aug 24
  • JBGB said:
    i get out in like the middle or end of may, youuu? Aug 23
  • JBGB said:
    lucky!! i go back tuesday! :( Aug 17
  • JBGB said:
    preeetty much the same. when do you go back to school? Aug 16
  • JBGB said:
    heyy, im luke (: how are you? Aug 14
  • Jack said:
    hi:) whats up? I am a member of the group called "UnderDying" Metalcore Post Hardcore www.purevolume.com/underdyingband thanks, have a good day ! Aug 06
  • Ann!e said:
    hey(: Jul 28

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