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Your kiss ignites the ashes layered across my soul.
Adrenaline guides the flame;
The heat melts the ice in my veins.
My muscles twitch and quiver,
I surrender to your consuming embrace.

Your gentle caress soothes the burn.
Your warm breath envelops me;
Smoke rises and drifts away.
We stand in the pouring rain.

Your eyes gaze intently into mine.
My darkest secrets betray me;
Fear flickers behind failed intentions.
Our hearts stop beating,
Our fingers slowly untwine.

Your cold smile slices through my apology.
Words drip useless to the ground;
The heat abandons my body,
I scream as you walk away.
Your affection engages violent fantasies.
Lies somehow became the truth;
Your name is tattooed over them all.
Your hate fuels my aggression,
The flame glows deep within.
Kiss me and breathe in the heat.
You brand me with your curse;
Don’t deny the sting,
This mistake refuses to be swept away.

Posted Jun 04, 2010 at 2:23pm



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Hey. I'm Alex...I'm 17. The magical day is May 21st! =D I'm currently single. Yes, I've been in love. Don't say I'm too young because I'm not. Long distance DOES work if both people are willing to work at it(: I love to figure skate and skateboard! I have 2 jobs..Both are lifegaurding...and im a senior in high school. I have a car and I love it.Yeah, I go clubbing, but i dont do it to sleep with guys. I do it because its fun(: I LOVE to burst out into random singing and dancing. I'm addicted to laughing.(and it burns calories!), gum, and caffine. =D God is a HUGE part of me and my life. Without him I wouldn't be here. Abstinence is they key =D Relient K is AMAZING. No doubt about it. =D Go listen to Bright Light Avenue! Thay have an amazing sound! Thunder by Boys Like Girls always makes my heart skip a beat. =D Guess what! You all just lost the game. =/ Sowwy. Haha =P I'm a pretty happy person most of the time. =D I'm a textaholic and I love to talk! I LOVEEEE Japan! Haha. Get to know me. You won't regret it! I can be friends with anyone as long as you aren't fake or a poser or try to get close to me just to hurt me or get in my pants. =D I loveeee smiley faces too! =D Message or comment me!! I'll reply I promise! Comment on my pics and I'll comment on yours! =D Ask for my number sometime if you wanna text or talk! =D I LOVE making new friends! I try to make a new one everyday. (: So let's be friends(: Byeesss!

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