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    "Do not think that I came to bring Peace on Earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword." WHO SAID IT? JESUS CHRIST. Kinda changes your mind about the worldvi…

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WWW.MYSPACE.COM/3733ZOE I am hardly EVER on here anymore so please do not get offended if I do not respond for a while, I check it every now and then and get bk to ppl whn I can...Thanks tho and have a GREAT day or night! Luv ya! Nkol "And they Overcame him by the Blood Of The Lamb AND the WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY, And they did not love their lives to the death." Rev. 12:11 I am a girl who still thinks it's possible to be fun and a Christian at the same time, Ive met people who CAN ACTUALLY DO...BOTH!!!! I have come to the conclusion, life's too short not to be happy and content no matter WHAT is going on around you, I am a Christian, no not a Christian Poser nor religious freak, nor boring pew-sitter; just crazy bout Jesus, and I can take the insults, but can you take the truth, I've been in churches that were more like mortuaries and I've been in churches that were more like...scary. There's not much I havent seen in life and in some pictures I may look like the "All American Blond...girl" but I have NOT had the picture perfect life that is supposed to come WITH that, like a side-order or something. Life = Been There Done That SO...IF YOU CATCH ANY PHOTOS OF ME ON MY PAGE THAT LOOK LIKE I WAS IN A BAR OR CLUB OR NOT BEHAVING LIKE A CHRISTIAN SHOULD IT'S B/C THAT WAS THE "BEFORE ME" and they are there...TO SERVE THE PURPOSES OF SHOWING ANYONE WHO CARES HOW FAR GOD CAN TAKE SOMEONE "IF" THEY JUST GIVE HIM A CHANCE HE LITERALLY IS BETTER THAN ANY EXPERIENCE I'VE EVER HAD ON THIS EARTH, AND I HAVE HAD PLENTY, BUT LIKE ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO TRY IT FOR YOURSELF TO KNOW THAT FOR YOURSELF. ANOTHER IMP. POINT notice in all of those pictures I may "look" happy but it took either alcohol-drugs-or guys for me to even resemble that, WHEN REALLY I WAS MASKING AND COVERING THE FACT THAT I HATED MY LIFE and I felt like I lived from one party or night out to the next. In the meantime I was either "recovering from the previous night" or just...existing... And it took one or all of those 3 things mentioned above to make me forget that even for a moment, but then there's always tomorrow...And I got tired of the charade...tired of the game...mostly tired of pretending THIS was ALL LIFE HAD TO OFFER?? IF you have ever felt that way or if you think I HAVE officially lost it then try it for yourself...Take The Jesus Challenge, and just see 4 YOURSELF! Can't knock it unless you've really tried it. Not "religion" but "Jesus Christ"... No I dont preach on street corners (not yet ;-) Im just uniquely normal? A Favorite Quote: "The call of God is as the call of the Sea no one hears it except the one with the very nature of the Sea inside him. Oswald Chambers A Favorite Verse: "But God demonstrates His own LOVE towards us in that WHILE we were STILL SINNERS Christ DIED FOR US..." Rom. 5:8 "Judge not, that you not be judged. Matt.7:1 Who am I, Who are we to Judge one another. I won't judge you, I know where I've been...And I know where I'm at AND I know I'm not all the way there yet either... And I KNOW I had NOTHING to do with any positive changes that have been made in my life EXCEPT LETTING GO and letting Him do His thing, His Jesus-thing. I love my family, I miss my Mom Zoraida who died last year from a heart-attack at age 49, I'm half Puerto Rican by body but all Puerto Rican by blood, And I love reading the bible-yes I said it... you didn't hallucinate... AND NO I DO NOT HAVE A PERM (OOOWWE GROSS) I HAVE NATURALLY CURLY HAIR THT I STRAIGHTEN EVERY NOW AND THEN AND I GO FROM DARK BLOND TO LIGHT BLONDE, OR BOTH...WHTEVER IM IN THE MOOD FOR...VISIT!!!!!! Oh.........n I will get back to you when u comment or msg me....but due to the volume of responses it might take me a couple days....don't be offended....I love to talk to almost anyone sooo...I will respond...so please tell me w/e u want, i also dont do little stupid "hey whats up" responses so when I write you back...it is thought out and personalized to you k? K. MUCH LOVE!!!!!

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