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Age: 23

Location: Greenville, SC


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Throwdown Pro

Hardcore / Metal / Alternative

Orange County, CA

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The Ropes

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I Set My Friends On Fire Pro

Alternative / Punk

Whippany, NJ

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Kill Paradise Pro

Indie / Pop / Electronic

Denver, CO

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System of a Down

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Los Angeles, CA

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  • John ...Is A Dead Man! said:
    hey what's going on :D Mar 18
  • metal martian // my music >> www.purevolume.com/daylighttremor said:
    heya! thanks:D well, i take the photos myself:P just setup the camera haha maybe one day i'll be able to pay someone else to do it:P hope your doin great:):) Jul 24
  • metal martian // my music >> www.purevolume.com/daylighttremor said:
    hey! hows it going? i'm alan *shakes hand* Jul 22
  • Kayte said:
    Why yes, yes it is a fanny pack! Jun 21
  • And A Baby That Looked Like A Marshmellow, I Was Stoned And Wanted To Eat It said:
    yeah old men in supermarkets here are pervs aswell. its not nice at all. nope i've never heard of it. is it any good. and yup i do live in london. lived here my whole life. yeah i like it here :) weather sucks though, wheres greenville Jun 10
  • KRaUJh7Rdx7NhtoX6radYxRjRDdO said:
    you have excellent taste! Apr 28
  • Brittany said:
    hi. i miss ya. hopefully we can hang out soon. :] Apr 21
  • Brittany said:
    Miss ya very much, hopefully i will be able to see you soon. School completely sucks without you. :[ Feb 26
  • Prelude8 said:
    snow? awesome, haha, well the right way to pronounce my name it, umm let me see, Iqbal, lets separate it to two, to say Iq, is when u pronounce or saying (it), but u change the T with Q, but still, the tone remains the same as u are saying (it) just u change the T with Q, haha, so u get something like (ik), haha, for bal, umm, okay if u spell ball, u will pronounce or say it with boll right not with the exact spelling right? this time, u say the exact spelling bal, haha, lessons over for today, pheww, and i dont think u can score A with this miss, haha Dec 19
  • Δ9-HIGHP℞IE$†E$$ said:
    you're kinda sorta a little bit fascinating. Nov 28



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  • General: survey thingy.

    Advanced Global Personality Test Results Extraversion |||||| 23% Stability |||||||||||| 50% Orderliness |||||| 30% Accom…

    Dec 15, 2009

  • General: argh!

    i DESPISE the combonation of hiccups and stomach aches!!! -_-

    Nov 11, 2009

  • General: pointless survey :P

    TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: jessekah Birthday: April22 Birthplace: A hospital bed Current Loc…

    Nov 09, 2009



ahhhh :D don't get on purevolume much anymore... but... yea.. :) might answer you, might not. adios ;]

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