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  • Sasha Grey said:
    Thought you'de enjoy this song too. I read about Anand Bhatt singing "Hallelujah" on an Oprah/Ellen twitter. Pretty great! http://www.sonicwaveintl.com/anand Jan 20
  • said:
    wats going on sexy Jul 15
  • said:
    like that trix shirt... u r so hot! Jul 13
  • supaflydan said:
    If the coolest person isnt too busy i think she should check out my band! Jun 29
  • the oblong box said:
    You do indeed hold the Guiness book of World Records title.....You don\'t even look 25...Lucky U..Is it an ancient Chinese secret? Mar 06


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  • General: u WANNA BE MY FRIEND?

    OK, people. I love all you guys, show me some love!! I need freinds, ppl!!! Send me some friends over here!!!!…

    Mar 06, 2007



Hey, er'body!! This is Lori at your service. A little about me, you ask? Well, I'll tell ya.....I am, like so many other's a single parent, single mother to be more precise, I am completely and totally in love with all computers, I guess in a round about way, i'm a bit of a nerd. Music is my weakness. I have a soft spot in my heart for any and all music. Nothing alters my mood, puts a smile on my face, or a tear in my eye like music can. This is the stuff gods are made of, and it's my passion. I'm currently in a relationship, but not a serious one. So, if your my prince in shinning armour, please feel free, at your earliest convienence, to come swoop me away, so we can have an awesome life, awesome sex, and awesome stories to tell to our very most awesome of friends. I am currently holding the Guiness book of World Records title for youngest lookin 34 year old female in the world, not really...but pretty damn close. I look and act like a teen ager and I love to have fun, that's what it's all about. I hope to never look or act my age, ever. U have just one shot at this thing called life so make the most of it!! Seize the day, and be extrordinary...(huge Dead Poet's fan, as you can tell). I have a deep passion to learn, and a deeper passion for Jesus Christ. I'm not your picture perfect christian, but hey! He loves me anyway! And I'd put money on it that if you met me you would to!! I make a conscience efort everyday, to be the nicest person I can be, and I see bad, nor wrong in no one. I believe a person is a product of thier environment, and in such they can make the changes, as needed. I, myself, am a recovering pill head, so just know you can beat the odds, I'm living proof. I have two lil girls, Ashley 12, and Lauren 11. They are my sun, moon, and stars. In their eyes I feel invincible. To see yourself thru a child is an uplifting experience, because your everything they'll ever need, and I have to say....it feels pretty damn good. I love trance, techno, electronica, indie, experimental, alternative, rock, mainstream, underground, well, I guess I just love it all. I'm an old-school raver at heart, so I love to live, i love the party! Anyway, enuf 'bout me. If u ever wanna hit me up, feel free. I'm the coolest person on earth, and I'll talk to a wall. So, ok....that's it!! Carry On!!!

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