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  • Cara[Cupcake] said:
    thanks!! i'm not sure who rachel sage is tho. Mar 01
  • KnoCloo27 said:
    yeah, it\'s actually \"Ardent,\" the machinery makes an A. I had this \"Ardent\" kick, I loved the word, being ardent about Christ, along those lines. ~b Feb 15
  • KnoCloo27 said:
    don\'t know which ones you\'ve seen, if you haven\'t been to my flickr page click any of the pictures. but i posted two more on my pv page, the first two. the second one i\'ve had for a long time, just never uploaded it. i\'m working on a color version of it. :) the uh, two \"new\" ones have little meaning... they just look cool/funny. the first one makes me laugh, i tried to draw a droopy flower but it looked more like a beard so i made a GNOMEY FLYTRAP! and then the other one was inspired by shields in the ancient world. i saw them when watching a history video sophomore year. :D hope you like \'em. ~b Feb 12
  • KnoCloo27 said:
    yeah, they\'re kinda weird ones. i was in a weird mood. i\'ll upload it. check my page, it\'ll be up. :) ~b Feb 12
  • KnoCloo27 said:
    I\'m doin all right. Struggling with some stuff. But the fact that I know it\'s a problem is a good sign. Gunna load some more art soon? Still in His grace, ~b Feb 11
  • KnoCloo27 said:
    Did that help? I didn\'t hear back... ~b Feb 10
  • KnoCloo27 said:
    Seems the biggest recommendation I have with your art is to try to incorporate meaning into it. Some artists just try to evoke certain feelings using colors and shapes, but the pieces that always strike me as the best and most profound have some meaning behind them. I\'m the kind of person who loves a song not just for the sound, but for the tone, for the lyrics. I\'m very lyrical when it comes to music. See, the music could be the most amazing incredible innovative music ever, but if the lyrics are kaput, like a repeating phrase of \"flowers are pretty\" or something, the song lacks relevance. So kind of thinking along those terms, try to think of some fundamental truth or lesson to incorporate into your art, whether abstractly or outright, but make sure a casual viewer can see it. That\'s all I got. ;) In His grace, ~b Feb 03
  • JFskeezix said:
    haha that\'s so cool! He must be a really nice guy :D I wish you all the happiness in the world ;) Yeah my weekend, hm it\'s already a new weekend now when I write this ;) Yeah things are going well. Im happy and God\'s good :D How about you? Jan 19
  • JFskeezix said:
    Here wasn\'t snow either :s Ah nice! What kind of a shirt? a band-shirt perhaps? Soon i will let a Tshirt with my own design be printed at the local copyshop :) Btw, had a nice weekend? Jan 13
  • JFskeezix said:
    hm okay, that\'s a pity when Christmas is ment to be the \'peace on earth\'-story. Anyways, normally we dont do presents at christmas, but this year my sister and her bf bought us all presents :D and they gave me a magazine called \'Anvanced Photoshop\'. I was so happy with that ;). And what did you get for christmas? And was there any snow at your place? Jan 07


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  • General: bored and happy at the same time!

    So, I've never actually written a blog before, but i'm bored and happy at the same time so...yeah. Latest update about me... I have a boyfriend!!!! He's pretty A-mazing…

    Feb 11, 2008



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