• Coltonjames07 said:
    You babe are for sure a cutie. how you doing? Aug 29
  • said:
    wow. you are pretty gorgeous. that is all. Jul 15
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    Hey There, Check out the Official Supernova Indie Music Podcast hosted by Me! WWW.SUPERNOVA.COM/KYLEWALLACE Jul 01
  • Mexican!-69 said:
    wats happenin\'! Jun 27
  • XmaterX said:
    wow, you have really good taste in music! i don\'t know who From first to last is but i be sure to chek them out! any song recommendations? Jun 05
  • eleveneleven11 said:
    crazy smile May 21
  • el iceberg said:
    hello!!! you can try my music? And tell me what do you think about yes? May 02
  • djwork said:
    hi there my name is roger dos santos lima. i\'m an electronica producer and i live in zrich - switzerland. im trying to expose my music here at purevolume, and i wanna say sorry in advance for bothering you. but please take some minutes to listen my songs @ (click the image) If you like it, support me and be my fan (hehehhehe), add me to your favourites or write me a feedback at the listed email adress or leave me a comment at my artist profile thanks for your patience and enjoy the music ;) roger dos santos lima Apr 27
  • chikinpox said:
    Hey wats up? We just put alot of info up on our page about upcoming shows and new CD\'s that are coming out so check us out. Apr 11
  • Jennifer Morgeson said:
    Hey girl! I think you might be interested in my music based on the bands you like. If you like listening to new music, check me out at purevolume.com/jennifermorgeson. I\'ll be playing in Millersville on April 21, too. The show info is on my profile and you can contact me for a ticket. Hope to see you there! Keep rockin! -Jennifer Mar 28
  • punk4life425 said:
    System of a Down Rules!!!!! Feb 26
  • said:
    Tell me the chorus to any SOAD Tune and i\'de love to chat with you .... Feb 21
  • agentsoffortune said:
    great page. love the tunes. you should check out my bands page. we are the agents of fortune.. don\'t forget the.. without that you just get me.. check it out and let me know what you think. thanks, toby truant_minds@yahoo.com Feb 17
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    Hello, i would love it if you could be a fan of mine? www.purevolume.com/kylewallace please and thanks -kyle Jan 30
  • _cHiLlIn_WiT_cHaRlEs_ said:
    whaddup? thx fo the add!! cmnt me sometime. peace! Dec 20
  • _cHiLlIn_WiT_cHaRlEs_ said:
    whaddup? thx fo the add!! cmnt me sometime. peace! Dec 20
  • soccerboy247 said:
    What up girl? my msn is iceblue_comet@hotmail.cm fi you want to chat. Peace out. Dec 09
  • soccerboy247 said:
    That some badass hair you have. good music too. Peace out. Nov 29

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