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  • Ms Glow said:
    heloo... i loveed Mar 14
  • Mahmoud said:
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  • Rocksjim said:
    I love it Dec 04
  • Antiverse said:
    Definitely reminds me of mewithoutYou & I could have sworn I heard some of the same lyrics in the David De La Hoz video. Still, a pretty cool genre. Nov 18
  • josh said:
    dude you were so good at mama linda's before cornerstone! Dec 23
  • Lacy said:
    me and El Dorado miss u!! lol i wish u had the song "When No one Else Will be Your Friend I'll do the Job" on here to add to my playlist!! haha hope we see u again sometime.. PS.. My mom is Jolie Franks if u remember her :] Jun 18
  • slickbenny said:
    dude i saw you in concert a couple days ago at the journey. Man it was the craziest thing i had ever seen! but in a cool way. Dec 18
  • Krystal said:
    This is absolutely amazing work. I love the beats and the story line behind them. You have great talent. Jul 20
  • ralph4lyf said:
    i agree with philly423 you should come down to miami .. you got some amazing stuff..to God be the Glory..may the lord countinue using you Dec 26
  • philly423 said:
    you write some really great stuff.....im originally from little rock.....but anyway.....u should come to florida.......theres some people down here that would like ur stuff Sep 26
  • CameronWoodward said:
    Amazing stuff you got here, I love your poetry. Aug 07
  • azbell12 said:
    cool site. Apr 21