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Lions In The Street


Genres: Rock / Blues / Classic Rock

Location: Vancouver, BC

Stats: 105 fans / 6,903 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Chris: Guitar/Vocals; Sean: Guitar; Enzo: Bass; Jeff: Drums, Organ


"What the Stones were, what the Dandy Warhols should've been."

Magnet Magazine

Due to demand for rock that rolls, L.I.T.S. have played with Jet, Kings of Leon, Ambulance LTD, The Dirtbombs, The Ponys, The Zutons, and Robbers on High Street, and a bunch of others. Look for their songs and videos online. Its your chance to side with art against commerce, with good against evil, with the little guy against the big guy, and with rock and roll against everything else.

The Big Takeover

This Vancouver four's bio includes several reviews comparing them to the Rolling Stones, and yes sirree, there's plenty of Exile on Main Street, Goat's Head Soup, and It's Only Rock and Roll sons-of-Chuck-Berry riffage going on. There're even similar harmonies and aching "Moonlight Mile" or "Angie" -like balladry in "Feels Like a Long Time" and "Lady Blue". But the thing is, this basement eight-track recording is the punky edge the Stones stopped rollin' after Some Girls. And there's a solid R&B base that takes in a little Dave Edmunds, Eddie & The Hotrods, Ducks Deluxe, and Berry himself, especially on the saucy opener, "Already Gone." (And there's a little Faces in the blues of "You're Gonna Lose.") If you can't be new, be great at the time-tested old.

Jack Rabid

The Nerve Magazine

These guys are recovering from one of those life-changing , major label near misses, apparently. Whatever happened out there, the songwriting has sure gotten leaner since the last time I heard 'em, when they were called the Years. And boy do they ever look like they sound. The time warp is so strong on Lions in the Street that it almost feels naughty to enjoy it so much, but if Faces/Stones is your bag, they're doing it waaaaay better than most. Good for both pub and convertible, like a British rock band trying to sound like mellow Americans in 1973. That's still considered fun in some people's homes, and certainly in mine. Grab it all for free from their website, you lucky people.

Adrian Mack

The Georgia Straight

Cat Got Your Tongue (Independent)

The hipper-than-thou worms at Magnet certainly nailed Lions in the Street when they described the band as What the Stones were, what the Dandy Warhols shouldve been. The five-song Cat Got Your Tongue sounds like lost tracks from the sessions for Some Girls, a record that quite arguably stands as the Glimmer Twins finest moment. All street-fighting guitars and sucking-in-the-70s vocals, the only knock on the EP is that Lions in the Street sound more like vintage Jagger and Richards than they do a band playing original material. In other words, they do the Rolling Stones better in 2006 than the Rolling Stones themselves. Still, the final track on Cat Got Your Tongue a thundering acid-blooze explosion titled Youre Gonna Lose suggests that Lions in the Street are already on their way to finding a sound thats truly their own. When they do, these guys may well be unstoppable.

Mike Usinger


  • Smalls7 said:
    Love your sound!!!!!!!! Mar 24
  • Smalls7 said:
    Love your sound!!!!!!!! Mar 24
  • kylebbb said:
    nicely done. I, in fact, like you guys better than the stones. I\'m from abbotsford, and I\'m thinking you guys should play some local shows, that\'d be sweet. keep it up, the music is rad. Feb 26
  • The One and Only Billy Shears said:
    Really Good... Come play in Louisiana some time. Jan 03
  • vy said:
    you guys rock! need a show in brazil! cheers ;* Nov 05
  • HeR-pOpSiCle-MeLtS15! said:
    Wow your music is incredible!! I\'m really feeling the music ,all about the oldskool funk! keep on rockin\' ! love lina Sep 29
  • namehere012 said:
    I live in van=] I\'m glad to see thats good bands on here that arn\'t from the states! You guyss are really good=] Sep 16
  • said:
    love how it feels good to hear you/voice/sound. keep up the great work w/ where your direction and dedication takes you. Sep 06
  • KAHUNASAN said:
    Sounds more like the Stones than even the real Stones do.......now at Least. But I think Ron Wood is gonna be pissed that you \"nicked\" his riff from \"Stay With Me\" for \"Mine Ain\'t Yours.\" This Rocks your Socks OFF! Aug 20
  • airheadwh0re said:
    Add Comment here... Aug 11
  • Jerry McLaughlin said:
    Come on lads, its a new century. Stop immitating Mick. Good stuff though, like it. Aug 01
  • Matias Rengifo said:
    Nice sound. Remains the STONES. Keep going and check my band. www.purevolume.com/12barcats Jul 13

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