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Released May 15, 2007

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Comments (7)

  • Sherly LPST said:
    leave out all the rest and shadow of the day is the best tracks in this album for me Jul 08
  • yokz said:
    wow..ur d best linkin park in phillipines...i hop u hav a concert here Apr 08
  • riles said:
    one step closer is better check out there first two albums when they were actually a good band rather then a sell out Mar 31
  • Orlando said:
    your f**** cool Mar 10
  • Rath said:
    Valentine's day is hand down my favorite song by you guy's Jun 02
  • Leandon said:
    i think Leave out all the rest is my favorite song of all time Sep 28
  • KAITLIN :: RAWR said:
    i love you all!!! @>~~~`~~~`~~~ :D May 18