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Lines Across Lines


Genres: Indie / Rock

Location: Cleveland, OH

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Lines Across Lines is based on a true story. Four boys meet through the internet to start up a band only to find themselves on a journey of thrills, spills, chills, classic bloopers and nonstop laughter. After playing some shows and writing songs together they learn to discover themselves in ways that transcend their initial intention of just writing good ole' rock songs. A strange coincidence occurs everytime they play out and the townspeople are befuddled. It seems a rock monster has begun to "gigolo" ladies and eat small children. Hearing from esteemed colleagues that "music soothes even the savage beast" they want to be heroes, so they make an attempt to appease the monster and possibly overcome it. The boys go into a basement laboratory and concoct a curiously diverse blend of personal tastes in the form of bleeps, toots, horns, and whistles to fight the gigundas monster but never actually use any of the aformentioned instruments to create the supposed "weapon". Debateably the cause of their failure, they then decide they might as well take this sideshow of ridiculousness and turn it into some fun and exhilarating shows as they spread their creation worldwide. In doing so they realise that the abominable monster is really them and they need to find the answers within themselves in order for the mayhem to stop.....or at least maybe find a way to supplement its diet for eating children. Because after all, the rest is a lot of fun. Starring Chris Wright (Vocal Guy), Mike Barber(Bass Dude), Nate Kelmes(The Guitarist) and Academy Award Nominee Jeff Hart playing a dual roll as the abominable monster and the aloof drummer.


Like a phoenix rising from its own ashes, Lines Across Lines came out of their lineup change in late 2006 with a whole new set of kinetically energized indie rock. Burying their musical past, they began to write new songs for what would become their debut Ep "Octopussy" released at their "iPod release show" in February of 2008. For fans of Radiohead, U2, Bloc Party, The Cure, etc. www.myspace.com/linesacrosslines

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Stare at anything long enough and its edges
transform.Each color is a line. Every line
leads to another crossing over another line
seperated by a color. Every aspect of what
you do follows a line into a pattern even if
you dont recognize its beginning or its end.
In and out of focus the depths of everything
you see is layered in Lines Across Lines

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Feb 23, 2008


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United States

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