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Could it be Better to Lease or Buy Your Office Copier - Things You Must Consider

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Duplicating documents, copying brochures, flyers and test papers are essential in certain offices for example government offices, schools and in some businesses. Relying on outside printing or photocopying services for these offices can be quite expensive and time intensive. It's important to have an office to possess a copier to make document managements easier and more efficient.

Office copiers are extremely expensive and may cost from a few hundred dollars to 1000s of dollars based on their features. Business owners must be cautious whether to buy or lease it because both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. That will help you decide here are some from the benefits of owning an office copier versus leasing it.

Benefits of Leasing a workplace Copier

You are able to change to a newer model anytime you want high-tech office facilities like copiers are extremely expensive and they are constantly improving. If you want up-to-date copiers, you have to sell your copier before you can buy a new one. Unlike if you're leasing a copier, you might change to a more recent model at the end of your lease period.

Manageable Payments Body advantage of leasing a copier is that it enables you to pay in a small percentage of the total amount of the equipment. It provides you with financial flexibility that is very advantageous if you own a small business.

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Advantage in Tax Payments - Lease payments are tax deductible and they are regarded as a pre-tax business expense.

Although leasing a copier seems more expensive however in the long run, deducted lease payments make it more advantageous over purchasing a new office copier.

Maintenance - Maintaining and repairing copier machines can be very expensive. Whenever you own a workplace copier, besides the great deal of money you have put in purchasing it, you'll shoulder all of the repair expenses. Unlike leased copier, all repair costs are covered included in the your lease.

Office copiers require a lot of cash not just at outright purchase however in repairs and maintenance too. Although these are crucial in some business, purchasing them are not an benefit to many people who own small businesses. However, sometimes, buying a workplace copier has several advantages.

Building equity - Business owners who lease large office equipments for example copiers don't build equity. Whenever you buy an office copier it immediately becomes yours, the main advantage of purchasing large equipments.

Cheaper - Buying your personal office copier will costs you less instead of leasing it inside a long term. Usually whenever you purchased a copier it will cost you less if this is going to be compared should you lease it for three years. In addition, you'll be obliged to cover lease even if you no more using the copier. Owning it enables you to market it and make a profit out of it.

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In a position to choose its toner Body advantage of having a copier is you can choose which toner to make use of. While using right toner is an important step that most of the people tend to overlook. Feeding your copier with the right toner improves its performance and its output quality.

Whenever you lease a copier, maintenance and toner supplies are often covered inside your lease payments which seems more affordable that shouldering these expenses by yourself. However, you may be able to save for more than 50% in your maintenance expenses, should you could purchase remanufactured toners that are more affordable.

Each business has its own needs. To choose whether to buy or lease an office copier, your decision should be done according to your business's needs. Remember, the prosperity of a company depends on how well the decisions were made.

Posted Jul 02, 2012 at 3:31am