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Like Waves

New Demo Song Up NOW!!!


Genres: Indie / Rock / Post Hardcore

Location: Boston, MA

Stats: 23 fans / 838 plays / 2 plays today






Members: Chris Hall, Dan Stewart, Pat O'Kane, Kyle Doherty, and Mike Hogan

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  • La Salazar said:
    Oh okay, that explains it. Like Waves is nice too; it could be calm or it could be stormy, which is the feel of your music, to me at least. Anyways, I'll keep checking out for new song postings, and I'll buy your album instead of pirating it, when it comes out lol. Leila~ Feb 21
  • DanLikeWaves said:
    yeah changing our name was unexpected, we are going to be promoting this summer and one of the bands that we are going to be around a lot is call The After Midnight Project, and we were advised to change it by a friend affiliated with their label. plus we just thought it was way too close and a little long. thanks for sticking with us through name change and all :) Jan 22
  • La Salazar said:
    I liked the name Morning After Midnight way more, juss sayin. Music is still goin strong. You make me think of The Sounds Of Animals Fighting, almost. Still a fan, Leila~ Jan 20
  • x] said:
    Sounds nice, love the sound regardless recorded in the studio or not. Jan 12
  • CandyGirl92 said:
    Not bad sounds pretty good. :) Jan 05
  • ♥♪♫ [Lil'TeeTakeOver] ♫♪♥ said:
    *Whoa*(: I seriously likkee!! I am mosstt defiantlyy sticking around for more!!!AAMMAAZZIINNGG!!!! ^-^ Jan 05
  • AshleyMae!(: said:
    I haaave to saay! Im liken it! (: Somethin I would be on muh ipod! (; Jan 05


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