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  • AnaNicole said:
    Your music is lovely(: Jun 22
  • Ed Allison said:
    It's not my cup of tea, but I think it's good for what it is. I like the sonic things you do with transition sounds and other things. The drums definitely keep me interested as do the multiple layers put into each track. Your music is also very varied in sound, and I always like that, especially the kind of contrast between the trippy kind of rock and something like "Keys." Good work, and good luck in the future. Jun 21
  • Kamy said:
    the new single's sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet =D Mar 07
  • Pat Powers said:
    nice tunes guys, if you have a chance check out "Fade Resort" Oct 17
  • Kamy said:
    I got addicted to No Sleeping Along... your music is awesome (: Oct 16
  • Caitlinā§ said:
    i love your work. keep it up. i downloaded a hell of a lot:) Oct 16
  • Pat said:
    really fun! see you guys at the release Oct 15
  • Austin said:
    the dark dominates... best by far Oct 14
  • Daniel said:
    Was honestly surprised, this is really good lol. Keep up the awesome work guyz Oct 13
  • eliseiselectric 007 said:
    i have no doubt in my mind that you guys will make it big. you guys are golden :) Oct 12
  • Christian Saab said:
    Dudes..I am looking for a band in LA...I play guitar and stuff...check out my music at myspace.com/thetasonic Jun 05
  • haleynevaeh said:
    awe, you guys are one of my new favorites :D Feb 18
  • Maria said:
    Good music!!! Jan 10
  • serendipity17xox said:
    hands up! is seriously awesome :) Jan 06
  • KristinaBobina said:
    nice tunes :] Jan 06
  • !?!_idunno_!?! said:
    wow i really like your music! great job :D Jan 04
  • Snuggleblade said:
    sorry, didn't mean to. won't happen again. peace out, great music - doesn't sound like anybody else! Jun 22
  • Lyssy said:
    im in loveee with the dark :] Jun 05
  • blip on your radar said:
    your music is amaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzziiiiiinnnnnnng ^_^ i love love love love it!!!!!! May 26
  • Ashley said:
    simply amazing. [: May 24