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A Quick Guide to Buying Bulbs Online

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Whether you are seeking CFL, halogen or GU10 energy saving bulbs, now there are more and more specialist bulb retailers online to help you find the product that will see your specific needs. That is great news for many folks who have very specific lighting requirements, but cannot find the exact product that we'd like at our local store. lighting store

There is something to bear in mind, however, when you go online to buy your bulbs. Some of these apply to buying your lamps from offline retailers as well, but all are important points to remember nonetheless.

An important thing to do is know which kind of bulb you actually need. Whereas in local stores there exists often a limited number of options, many online lighting specialists may huge range of lamps to adjust to many different needs. Prior to you making your purchase, therefore, you must know whether you need GU10 energy saving bulbs, LED filament bulbs, LED PAR as well completely different. spotlights

You can find ample info on the different types of light bulb available online, but your best bet is usually to call up the lighting specialist of your liking and ask for their personalised advice. Should they be truly specialists inside their area, they will be in a position to accurately guide you through the options that are available and find the right product in your case.

The next thing you need to do is searching for the refunds and returns policy how the shop you are thinking of buying from has executed. This can make a massive difference to you for a number of reasons.

One thing is, if you are buying any kind of LED bulb, such as LED PAR lamps or GU10 power saving bulbs, you will undoubtedly be spending a lot of money when compared with cheap incandescent lamps or even halogen lamps. It is therefore important that you are able to easily return a product or service if it turns out to be faulty.

Regardless how reputable the seller is, a single product might fail very ahead of time, so it is absolutely worth asking whether there is certainly any kind of lifetime guarantee provided with the products you are buying, or if you can return them when they simply do not work, thus saving you wasting your money.

You should also enquire about how your product will likely be packaged. Many things that you order online can risk becoming damaged from the post, but this is specially an issue in the case of fragile products like light bulbs. Although LED lamps are extremely resistant products, CFL lamps particularly can become damaged by knocks and vibrations, so excellent protective packaging will be necessary.

For best results, aim to buy from a reputable retailer who has plenty of experience and expertise from the products that he or she is selling. Even though it can be tempting to purchase a product for a lower price off a sale site or from a private seller, there's more of a guarantee of quality if you opt for from a lighting specialist.

Surprisingly, this does not necessarily mean you need to pay more. Many reputable light retailers offer exclusive deals over a range of products, and some can even provide free delivery for orders on the certain total amount. This can help you make savings in addition to ensure that you get a product that is usually recommended by lighting experts.

Whichever lighting solution you settle on, it can be extremely convenient to buy the item that you are after online. Look for a reputable retailer that gives a good price, safe shipping methods as well as a good returns and refunds policy, and never forget to research the specific merchandise that you need before buying it.


Posted Oct 28, 2015 at 10:47am