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Genres: Hardcore / Rock

Location: USA

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4 tracks

Members: Todd, Corey, Jeremy, John, Josh

Catch the Chill Out Tour in your city, featuring Life In Your Way, Oh, Sleeper, Once Nothing and Our Last Night, sponsored by Substream Music Press and Buzzgrinder


  • listeningisdead said:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxjS7AzGugw Aug 22
  • Joe said:
    Post the new stuff already! haha Nov 25
  • trowaxbarton said:
    You guys are back! Hooray! Feb 19
  • hilsbills said:
    mint tunes!! Keep up the awesome sounds guys! Blessings Sep 20
  • jacob said:
    awesome i love the vocals Sep 07
  • RAPH FROM A Sun's Misery said:
    www.purevolume.com/asunsmisery Aug 21
  • Nick said:
    This isn't even remotely close to hardcore...I'm offended that you would even label this hardcore. Go listen to Soulruin if you want some REAL 2step hardcore. Jul 25
  • RAPH FROM A Sun's Misery said:
    LIFE IN YOUR WAY MADE AMAZING STUFF" WE FEEL THE EMOTIONS BEHIND THE MUSIC THEY MADE" KEEP ROCK ON !!! purevolume.com/asunmisery a young canadian band !!!! Jul 10
  • Matt Sykes said:
    We're mice. We rock. PUREVOLUME.COM/TEMPLETONBROUGHTTHEPLAGUE. Add us. Become a fan. Spread the love. Jun 29
  • Kennedy said:
    making waves is epic Jun 20
  • (=♥ =^.^= ♥=) said:
    You guyz are AWESOME!! :) Jun 15
  • OtTo.Rck said:
    so freaking good° Jun 11
  • OtTo.Rck said:
    it's so freaking awsome... i like it Jun 11
  • Not In Use. said:
    Ugh I miss you guys! Come back to Kentucky! That shut down that one lil karate place you all played at =( they dont use to for shows no more. Hope all is well =) -TY Jun 10
  • Nathaniel Vellacott said:
    i love how you get that age old hymn into salty graves!!! so epic! god bless! Jun 08

Waking Giants

Mar 06, 2007

Ignite & Rebuild

Jun 20, 2005

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