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Genres: Folk / Indie / Pop

Location: Childhood, MA

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Members: Dan Koehler

Hey my name is Dan Koehler. I live in MA but I currently go to school at Villanova in PA. I record songs off my laptop at school in my freetime and decided to throw them up (vomit them up) onto this site. I'm not even a little bit French, but I like the language. This is a solo project and all the sounds that you hear are my own. I decided on the name "L'Etat" (although the goddamn accent won't copy in) based on Louis the 14th's statement after being questioned about representative governments. "L'etat, c'est moi." Hope you like, you can let me know.


Hey I just put together an artist page on facebook. Check it out here:

iLike L'tat


I just put up three new songs on my myspace page, including "Plans for the Future," which is also here. I didn't have space for them all so I have two more which are not on this page, there. Check 'em.




Nov 30, 1999