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2016 - The season that we make a difference!!

No time before have Cryptocurrency been so inside the hotspot as now, 2016 is the year were all of us will have amazing journey while increasing of value!!


This is why We percieve that LEOcoin will be the winner is its all about of evidence of concept and have a ecosystem that sports ths value of LEOcoin:

- LEO is 100% legit and they are members of the DSA in Canada and UK
- We have been over 200.000 members and growing
- 32.000 Merchants that accepting LEOcoin as currency
- LEO have open source and offers Cloud mining to members
- We have an Public Exchange were people can buy/sell buy LEOcoin
- You will find a LEOcoin foundation who can promote LEOcoin globally
- In addition we can Educate people about Cryptocurrency through LEOCoreline
- Working close with Brittish Government about Cryptocurrency.
- Executive members in the first Chamber of Digital Commerce (Washington)

and many types of this was just under 2015..
Now be prepared on what will be 2016, the year we break new grounds and be one of the top3 Cryptocurrencies in the world.


We celebrate LEO´s 3:rd birthday in Bali with special guest speakers for example Steve Stockman, US congressman that Atif “pinned” in Washington.
as well as launch of the Project X2, Finished . of the century that can take LEO and LEOcoin to whole new grounds!!!

As i see it, there are 2 options for people, either they join us and take part on this amazing journey, or they stay outside and see the amazing journey go pass them….. still YOU have to make the choice!!

So lets get this to year OUR year, we made a difference!!!


Posted Jan 08, 2016 at 7:47am