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Genres: Alternative / Rock / Pop Punk

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Stats: 68 fans / 16,623 plays / 34 plays today





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Members: new album features Sean Danielson of Smile Empty Soul, Ken Schalk formally of Candiria, Rob Caggiano of Anthrax and John Tempesta of the Cult

"This is a continuous process of shedding skin…rebuilding and moving forward" says singer Leiana of her most recent release "Lucky Number Three." With a new producer Eddie Wohl (Anthrax, Dry Kill Logic, Ill Nino, 36 Crazyfists, , H20, Jesse Malin) and new record label (FOF/EMI) for her third album and major label debut, the DIY spirit of Leiana is still alive and definitely still kicking . The Philadelphia-based artist has a rapidly growing fan base in the rock, hardcore and punk worlds. With two self-produced and self-released studio albums, as well as stateside and overseas touring under her belt, Leiana is proof that talent, inspiration, and hard work are still the most important things you need to make good music. With the help of heavyweights Rob Caggiano(Anthrax) and Sean Danielson (Smile Empty Soul), Brett Scallions (Fuel, the Doors), John Tempesta and Ken Schalk(Candiria), Leiana is sure to make her mark in the rock world. "What I did with Eddie, Sean and Rob was take the sound that I had already, and expand it further…writing with new and different people really pushed me to trust my instincts and grow. ..Eddie (Wohl) was really solid on helping me make the album I have always wanted to make: part rock, park punk, edgy, and tough, but with unyielding tenacity". Her strong spirit of survival helped throughout a troubled suburban childhood that included the loss of a brother, where music had actually been her saving grace. She began playing piano and drums as a kid, but soon took up writing and harbored a desire to sing. Although Ivy League educated, it took a number of years before she could overcome her fears and get up the nerve to actually perform. "There is definitely a difference between knowledge...book smarts and wisdom gained from experience". She cut her chops in standard rock cover bands, but was personally inspired by '70's British punk and '80s SoCal hardcore. "These bands spoke to me. As time went on and pop music got more and more horrible, I would dive deeper into a particular scene from the past." Following a stint at the Musician's Institute in L.A., Leiana returned to Philadelphia and released her first full-length CD "Page" on her own label, Page Records. Singer Leiana and multi-instrumentalist Chuck Treece originated the foundation of the band. A former pro skater and prolific musician, Chuck is a well-respected tour and session player whose resume includes such diverse acts as The Roots, Bad Brains, Urge Overkill, G.Love, and Billy Joel. "Chuck has had so much studio and live experience that he really is like a mentor," explains Leiana. "He helped me bridge the gap between wanting to be a musician and BEING a musician- he definitely molded me and my sound". "Page" didn't go unnoticed, especially its first single "Surfy Punky," which made its way onto several compilations as well as the soundtrack to ESPN's women's downhill skiing show. The tune "Follow Blind" made it on the soundtrack to pro-skateboarder Todd Falcon's movie "Call To Fly". And the tune "Dirty Car" was remixed by Mike Elizondo (Dr.Dre, Eminem, Fiona Apple). Leiana seemed to find an instant niche. Leiana recorded the follow-up to Page at Bombshelter Studios in Los Angeles; "No Going Back" was mixed by Matt Knobel (Lenny Kravitz). "Bitter" off the album "No Going Back" was featured on the Brenden Borek Compilation and multiple songs from the album were featured on A & E' s "Parking Wars" and "Dog the Bounty Hunter". Leiana has toured the U.S. extensively in the US, the UK, and in Japan. She has also played such festivals as the Boston-area LocoBazooka, NXNE and headlined at a showcase at South by Southwest in Austin. The touring line-up of Leiana has varied, and in the past included Chuck either on guitar or drums and Roy Mayorga on drums (Soulfly,Ozzy StoneSour). "I feel that everyone that is involved with me now… from my management to my vocal coach (Melissa Cross), are so instrumental in making me grow…everyone wants a kick ass rocker chick that makes kick ass music…no drugs, no drama, no bullshit".Enough said. At least we can trust that it's real. "


  • Spencer said:
    way cool! Apr 28
  • Stunned by the Music said:
    Well, I am truly stunned. This totally rocks, whoever says that chicks can\'t rock gets completely shut down by you guys! Aug 13
  • Actinoid said:
    dude(s)/dudetts(s), visit our band\'s website, were not as good as you, but we think you\'ll like us!!! www.purevolume.com/actinoid Feb 22

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