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Google Produces Incredible Recent results for Window Installation Companies

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With regards to marketing, everything you do needs to measurably produce results. There are many of factors that go into getting solid results including business niche or marketplace, as well as the tips and strategies I'll be detailing are a fantastic means for Toronto Lead Generation to see solid, measurable growth.

We’re familiar with our Toronto Lead Generation clients INCREDIBLE results! From 5-10 high-quality leads weekly to tripling our clients sales from $50,000 to $150,000 within a still month.
Why Traditional Marketing Sucks! Toronto Lead Generation

Television commercials, radio spots, newspapers ads, and billboards are really the 20th century procedure for gaining exposure and lead generation for window replacement businesses.

These antiquated old types of advertising are all Interruption Advertising, which means that you are trying to Interrupt because as possible with your message and hopefully you find a few that are interested.

These procedures are archaic at attracting the eye of potential clients and are wasteful in comparison with Google AdWords.

There is no greater way to find a quality local lead than if someone else from your local area:

 Does a Internet search for your “window replacement”, “window installation”, and “window repair”? (BTW, yes absolutely it will and business niche)
 Finds your ad at the top of the page
 Clicks on the ad
 And then one minute later calls your company

Someone searching for your organization on Google is more likely trying to hire you on the area or maybe within a week.

They're searching on Google because they need your services right this moment and are much further along from the buying process than a person that you are trying to prospect with “Interruption Advertising”.

Anybody which has ever been involved in any sort of sales or marketing sees that there is a HUGE difference between if someone else is searching for you, finds you, and calls you…

In contrast to you trying to prospect or “cold call” or “interrupt” people with your advertising.

There exists simply no comparison within the quality of the lead.
Possibly the Best Advertising Platform Ever.

Advertising on the internet is 100% and completely measurable so you'll know EXACTLY what your return on your investment (ROI) is that's unlike many other kinds of marketing like TV and Billboards.

Ppc (Google’s advertising platform) is the better thing that ever happened to the advertising world and businesses because you have an incredibly powerful tool to use.

Google AdWords advantages of beautifully executed timing when delivering ads to people who are already trying to find your glazing business, delivering you transparent window installation/replacement and window repair prospecting results while you can track precisely what your return on investment is.

There are lots of entrepreneurial business owners which may have built multimillion dollar businesses using Adwords as their primary way of generating new business.

There actually is nothing else like it in the world today. If there was, trust me, I would be using it and suggesting that you just do too.
Generating Leads Online with Ppc

What people need to realize up front is that Google makes over 90% of the money through AdWords.

Google does not make their cash through organic search engine results or SEO (more about SEO later). Thus, Google WANTS that you advertise and they would love you to get good results so that you keep spending more and more money on advertising every year after year.
MYTH: “Ya, but no one clicks on the top ads…”

A great deal of businesses and professionals which i have worked with over the years have this misconception that no-one clicks on the ads that appear towards the top of search results.

This couldn’t be more mistaken. It’s true that a lot of people select the first or second organically generated result. However, according to a recent eConsultancy survey “41% of people didn’t even realize they were clicking on ads in those first less than six results”.

Furthermore, you only have to have a small percentage of people to click on your ad to have more leads than you are able to handle.

If you believe that no person clicks on ads and therefore are unwilling to make the acquisition of a strong AdWords campaign, you’re cutting yourself removed from a huge source of solid prospecting.
SEO vs AdWords

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a good longer-term advertising strategy given it takes a lot of time, money, as well as to organically gain a high position in search results on Google for any valuable keyword.

For instance, let’s say you’re a lawyer which is fresh out of law school, you’ve moved to a city or town and so are looking to get established. I’ve got not so good news for you, you’re probably going to fail at ranking on top of search results through SEO.

Why is that? Because every other lawyer where you live or city that's practicing in the same part of law as you has been doing the exact same thing!

Chances are those other lawyers or law offices are already established and still have been running a strong SEO campaign for years. You’re simply going to have invest for 9-18+ months before out-ranking them.

You'll find so many examples of business owners that spent $1,000s per month on SEO for more than a year and still didn't rank in the hourly caregivers results on page 1 (this is when most of the traffic is) of Google for their desired keyword.

If these businesses would have taken that same money and invested it into Google AdWords, they would have received new leads and clients from the start!

Which means they would barely have come up front because they could have turned a return in the first month and then just reinvested those profits.
WARNING: What Happens When (not “If”) Google Changes It’s SEO Algorithm?

Think about it… Would you rather pay $1,000 monthly for a year in order to “possibly” get on page one for the desired keyword… And then if Google changes their SEO algorithm again you may lose it all overnight without warning!

… Or, could you prefer to instantly go to the top of the search results for Countless different keyword variations (not just a couple of keywords as with SEO)… And have new leads and new business coming in your door without delay?

Kinda a no-brainer isn’t it.
Instant & Easy Results

I enjoy working on Google AdWords greater than any other form of advertising media since you can run a simple test campaign for around a week, spend only some hundred dollars, and see instant results.

When that certain week test is done, you’ll have a ton of data hinting what keywords worked, the number of clicks you got, how many leads came in, and just how many new signed clients you have retained for the money spent.

After that you can refine your AdWords campaign further by continuing to split-test ads and deciding the amount you want to expand your campaign.

As an example if you spend $1,000 and you make back $5,000… Well then the following month you may very well want to spend $5,000 and earn back $25,000. It’s simple math really.

Versus TV, radio, newspapers or billboards advertising, which are expensive formats that you could spend $10,000s and be clueless to how poorly or well your ad did.

If you wish to see serious results that are reliable and measurable, you must be on AdWords.
AdWords is the KING of Local Advertising

Google LOVES local businesses and they offer you a huge advantage when advertising on his or her platform.
How to Use The local Advantage

First off, Google allows you to integrate your Google Local account together with your AdWords account. This means when people from your geographic area are searching, your ad will probably be much bigger than other ads along with your phone number and address there in the ad!

It could be an old adage plus the world of internet marketing, size is important. If the ad is bigger, people are going to notice first, if the ad is well formatted they’re likely to read the details, and you know what they’re going to probably do next?

They’re likely to click on it!

Because you’re local, your local area information is going to come in the ad (once you integrate your Google local account). You’re gonna see a much bigger boost in leads contacting you and making appointments on your services.

NOTE: Above image is surely an example of a client of mine and you can see his one ad is almost 3x the size the other ads. Really, just how do they compete?

So simply by taking the time to properly integrate your Google Plus Local account, you’re planning to see an increase in business!
Why Most Businesses FAIL at AdWords

Another key element to the success of the campaign is split testing multiple ads to get the ones that get the particular highest click through rate (CTR).

Most business owners that try to do Google Adwords on their own fail simply because they don’t have a good high converting web page (more on that soon) and/or they haven't yet split tested multiple ads to raise their click through rate.

Google will in reality reward you to have a rock solid AdWords campaign that is certainly getting lots of clicks!

Should your ad is generating a lot of clicks that are going to your business through Google Adwords Toronto Lead Generation they're going to give you a cheaper cost-per-click (CPC)… rewarding you to have great ads which might be getting lots of clicks given it tells Google that you will be relevant to the searcher.

This is the more clicks your ad gets, the less you spend each click. Incredible isn’t it.
3 Common errors to Avoid

If you’re aboard and are ready to lengthy AdWords campaign the eye and care it deserves, you can still find some things I feel you ought to be implementing and some improper habits I want you to avoid.

First thing’s first: If somebody clicks on your ad, what page/website will you send them to?

You could be thinking that you’ve spent a bunch of money on a slick looking, informative website that’s an ideal place to send your traffic and attract clients. Right?

It appears as though a reasonable idea, and it’s actually bad idea because surprisingly, you’re far more likely to lose clients if you’re routing all your ad traffic to your main website!

You MUST send AdWords visitors to a “landing page”. Yes, you might want one of those single page, simple, easily readable landing pages that invites the candidate to take action now.

Why? As you have 8 seconds before you decide to lose your prospects attention!

That’s right, according to a recent Microsoft study, our attention spans have dropped from about 12 seconds to eight seconds, and for comparison a Goldfish comes with a attention span of 9 seconds.

Thus your “landing page” must get the person that made itself known yet your ad to take action right away before they get distracted by their smartphone, Facebook, instant massager pop-up, email notification, or someone popping within their office…

If your traffic is being routed on your main website, you take a constant risk of that visitor never doing it! That’s right, they did not:

 1. Pick up the device
 2. Fill out a message form

You just lost a prospective client.

High-converting landing pages are particularly designed using a proven template to obtain your prospects to do one thing… Grab the phone and phone you now!

So remember, three important mistakes to avoid making in your marketing are failing to:

3. Split test your ads. Sure, you could be getting some clicks, you could be seeing some incoming business, which doesn’t mean you couldn’t be doing better!

4. Use a high-converting landing page. Your slick, expensive looking main web site is not enough to draw in new customers to your practice. A landing page is essential for getting those people looking to retain the services you receive to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.

5. Setup your AdWords campaign correctly. This place I mention in passing being a mistake only as it can impact your results. Proper campaign setup is crucial to the success of the campaign.

As you may have seen by now, I love Google. I enjoy their AdWords platform and also the infinite amount of potential it offers.
Google: Biggest, Best, & Growing

Google, for excellent reason, has become the largest google search in the world. It offers access to an unprecedented level of information, and it also is among the most number one way for businesses for generate leads - and that is so true for your Toronto Lead Generation companies we use.

All you need to do is begin to see the growth chart for the last 10 years to see this.

You may have been able to ignore the possibilities that Google brought in 2008, and maybe in 2009, and when you see their rate of growth double and triple over the last few years alone.

You need to realize that Google is here to stay, and is probably only getting bigger and better at the things they're doing by implementing new advancements to AdWords.

Within this day and age, if you fail to be on Google, you’re probably going to stay behind. Here’s to your future success! Toronto Lead Generation


Posted Nov 18, 2015 at 5:07am