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Lauren Horbal


Genres: Acoustic / Indie / Pop

Location: Monroe, CT

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Lauren Horbal is a singer/songwriter from Connecticut who currently attends Western Connecticut State University as a classical percussion major. She has been playing guitar as a hobby for about 7 years and was a part of "hippie-core" band Home By Midnight from Monroe, CT. She is currently starting a new acoustic duo project with Michelle Sciarappa and will be recording again in the near future with the lovely new addition.
The songs above are all from 2006, enjoy :)

Written and performed by Lauren Horbal
Produced by Greg Nicolett
Engineer - Jeff Frez-Albrecht
String Arrangements, Keys, Aux Percussion - Greg Nicolett
Guitars, vocals, drums - Lauren Horbal
Bass - Ian Tait
Recorded at Brian Keane Studios



  • ecm10796 said:
    heyy cubby its erin . . . ilooove the song stressed out . . . its my fav ! i loove u cub Oct 06
  • Morgan Horbal said:
    hi cubby i love u!!!!! LOVE, MORGAN HORBAL Sep 30
  • lalewis said:
    HI Lauren, It is Mom and Auntie Lorrie. We just wanted you to know that we have found our way back to each other by opening our hearts to the true meaning of family and forgiveness. Sisters are meant to stay together and be friends forever and finally after our entire lives of being awkward, we have come to realize that it doesn't have to be that way and we want our remaining years to COUNT. Don't waste yours without your sister. You don't always have to agree with each other but you should still stand by each other....THAT IS WHAT FAMILY IS REALLY ALL ABOUT. IT IS NOT BLACK AND WHITE. We love you always and forever. Love, Mommy and Auntie Lorrie (Your One and Only Godmother) Jan 31
  • said:
    luv it... best i\'ve ever heard, you have such an awesome voice! Nov 30
  • Jeanaisamazing said:
    lauren horbal is my favorite everrrrrrrrrrrrr and i can not wait for Webster!!!!!!! Jul 26
  • m to axtor said:
    i saw you live! :-p Jul 23
  • in matters of love loss said:
    I...love...it...! Jul 10
  • skittish said:
    I really like where you\'ve gone with your music in your new song, afraid. Great voice, and a melody that can hook anyone who hears the song...not just listens, keep up the great work! May 07
  • ALLAssoon said:
    oh you....LOVE Apr 05

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