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Lauren Hobler


Genres: Indie / Acoustic / Folk

Location: Boston, MA

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4 tracks

Members: Lauren Hobler

December 2011- Here is a link to videos of new compositions. Expanding mediums and forms.


Also included is a new video which can be viewed in the 'Video' Tab.

Update (April 2011): Re-emergence after a brief deactivation. There was fair warning of a period of silent creation! And the result has been nothing short of illuminating in an inevitably unexpected manner. So with that said, new melodies have entered into this stream of experiences- of which a very select few have been posted here. I confess that I don't exactly enjoy my presence on the internet, or perhaps I don't understand this internet very well; It's an awfully large realm. It seems to be an unavoidable entity though, so what choice do I have but to understand it? And of course to remain sincere in the way I hope others would respond.

So thanks for listening and we'll see what comes from any of this beyond its own impact on my experiences, hoping it provides ripples that remind one that a centre is never lost.

Update (Nov. 2010): Have returned to the States. New music continuously being expressed especially given the magnitude of recent journies. This is more of a period of silent creation rather than outward performance.


MARCH 6: Laundry, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. Band Aid for Haiti.

APRIL 27: No Black Tie. Kuala Lumpur

MAY 13: Laundry Bar, The Curve

UPDATE: Currently in Kuala Lumpur embarking on musical career. Next Event is March 6th for Malaysia's Haiti Fundraising Event teaming up with musicians from Malaysia and performing Move On, Look Back, Dive Forward. More info to come.

NOW Available: Lost in Thought EP. $15. Email lahobler@gmail.com for copy.

Lauren Hobler is a singer / songwriter who writes a unique blend of melodies consisting of classical, jazz, alternative, and folk elements. She is independent in every sense of the word- writing every lyric and playing every instrument in her recordings which include piano, cello, flute, violin, guitar, bass guitar, percussion, and vocals.

The time and circumstances are commanding her to bring her music to the outside world as she travels. As a poet, artist, and spectator of life, her music has become a representation of not only her experiences, but her entire thought process which conveys the messages she would like to be heard universally in each melody.



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