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  • Paden said:
    the new vocals just cant compare to the old sound. its over for me. Sep 26
  • CayseySaur said:
    Come listen to some "pop n' roll!" www.purevolume.com/keepitcuteofficial Sep 20
  • jave ryan said:
    More Than You Know, have it on MV - for sure it's worth the watch! Sep 12
  • Sky ❤ said:
    love your sound :) Aug 26
  • Blaire Icenap said:
    DAYUMN! you guys are really aweswome! I really feel your songs deep in me! Aug 25
  • Kate Lynn said:
    Ah-Mazing! Aug 24
  • Blaire Icenap said:
    A good band doesn't make its listeners' ears bleeding. like Last Winter.. they sounded really relaxing.. Aug 24
  • Caitlin Sharkey. said:
    Amazing. Aug 23
  • Wrex Saiyan said:
    last winter wow what the fuck i love ur music Aug 22
  • dArDeViL said:
    Love your sound !! =DC= Aug 22
  • Ali said:
    You should put some more songs up for download, they're really great. :) Aug 20
  • xlove1 said:
    lastwinter Aug 19
  • reduction102 said:
    Man, I'd download all of your songs if they were up for downlaod.. Really nice.. Jul 19
  • SidTheDevilsOwn said:
    nice work guys..... Jul 04
  • Jaime Himes said:
    More Than You Know is absolutely amazing.. Good Job on the new cd. Its awesome!!! Jun 28
  • Alex said:
    Really amazing!^^ Mar 29
  • Alex said:
    Really amazing!^^ Mar 29
  • Neptune Eyez said:
    Incredible. I love the new stuff!! Make some girl shirts please :] Feb 21
  • amelifax said:
    miss u guys Jan 07
  • MirandaElizabeth. said:
    You guys HAVE to put these songs up for download! (: theyre soo good.. Dec 12