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Last Picked


Genres: Ska / Punk / Hardcore

Location: Rahway, NJ

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4 tracks

Members: Dave, Dan, Eric, Eric, Ken, Lil Dan, Matt, Paul, Tim

For those who do not already know, Last Picked has been broken up for a while now. Last Picked is still in all of our hearts. We all miss this time in our lives more than anything. It has always been about the music but it has also been about the experience; The experience of meeting wonderful people, playing great shows, and living life to the fullest. We miss our ska band, we miss our friends, and we miss all who care enough to read this.

Some of us have put together a new project called Launchpad. Check us out here on purevolume.


  • Alfonso Taylor said:
    great Sep 08
  • Francis Walsh said:
    awesome Sep 06
  • Kyla6a said:
    I like it XD Oct 02
  • fuck off said:
    you guys really need to get back together. You're amazing Aug 04
  • SideMan said:
    Anyone got the acoustic version of Walking in Linden? Please send it to me add rabbid@gmail.com It's my favorite! and one of the only Last Picked songs I'm missing! Thanks a bunch! Sep 02
  • beezle said:
    i got one word for you guys... amazing. great sound. great vocals. all around an amazing band May 16
  • drew said:
    better than most out there..u guys kill it Jul 02
  • tizzlebernizzle said:
    you guys are still awesome Jun 02
  • kait said:
    i really hope u guys get back together, cuz u guys rock! (and i just heard of u from a frieand ) Apr 06
  • Eda said:
    aww, it sucks that you guys broke up. the world needs more ska! Feb 24
  • tizzlebernizzle said:
    you guys are awesome, you should get back together Apr 06
  • LemonMon said:
    i will always have the dancing memories of Last Picked. Cresskill, Bloomfield Ave, Olives, and every other venue they rocked. Dec 05


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Take One For The Team

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Francis Walsh

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