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Genres: Hardcore / Metal / Punk

Location: Troy, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Ralph-vocals, Boonie-guitar, GRANT-Guitar, Phil-bass, Craig-Drums

LAST CALL was formed in 1996, during the height of the TROY-CORE revolution. They are the only remaining band of that era. Described as blue-collar working mans hardcore, with a hint of metal, LAST CALL has never been afraid to push boundaries and explore different genres. Their influences include: Agnostic front, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Death, Sheer Terror, Metallica, Misfits, Sick Of it all, and Lynyrd Skynryd. With this wide range of influences, LAST CALL quickly became labeled, A Hardcore, Heavy metal, Punk, Rock-n-Roll Explosion. It is impossible to narrow their style down to any one genre. With intense live shows with the likes of Anthrax, Otep, Hatebreed, Madball and even Andrew WK....LAST CALL continues to win over every crowd. LAST CALL released A demo in 1997 in which two songs " Conspiracy" & " temp service" were featured on the TROY-CORE compilation, UNITED WE STAND . In 2001, the members of LAST CALL decided to take some time off to deal with personal issues. A year later, they came back stronger than ever to release 5,000 demo CDs. After playing many shows, and trying to get a label to put out the new cd. LAST CALL Released the long awaited THE AFTER HOURS(Victimized Records) in 2004 with the help of friend Ryan Robitaille ,who believed in LAST CALL .. The album consisted of songs that were written throughout a five year span. Without wasting much time, LAST CALL released a split cd with Cheech entitled, NEW YORK-VS-BOSTON (Stupid White Boy Entertainment) in 2005. This CD took LAST CALL in a thrashier direction without losing the original formula that has molded them into this 10 year wrecking machine! Despite various member changes over the years, LAST CALL is solid and ready to take on whatever comes in their direction. Ralph Renna, the former bassist of Troy, New Yorks Politics of Contraband, and Boonie, the guitarist and founding member of Dying Breed, have been around for the long haul. They are now joined by second guitarist Grant Matot, of Wasteform/Dying breed, Phil Montelone on Bass, and Craig Hiltsley On Drums. They arent wasting any time in bringing the masses a new CD. In the spring of 2006, LAST CALL will be releasing the highly anticipated GOOD TIMES BAD BLOOD which is appropriately titled and sums up the band. Their live shows continue to be humorous, yet filled with chaotic destructive music!



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