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Mountain Cabin Vacations-What to Bring

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Have you ever considered really escaping all this all night to the mountains? Sure, it may sound ideal, but could it be really. For those of us employed to the urban or suburban environment, mountain living is a large change, even when that living is only vacation. Change might be good or it may be bad, and lots of times it's really a few your expectations. Nothing ruins a holiday like being freezing, hot or too wet. rental cabin lake arrowhead

What to bring:


The elements in high altitude climates is continually changing. It could be warm and sunny then suddenly turn cold. Bring clothes for all your seasons of the season, even if you are only going to be there for 1 week. That means take the swimsuit and water sandals (the creek and lake beds can be be extremely rocky), short and long pants, tee shirts and sweatshirts, and running sneakers and hiking boots, plus a sweater and jacket for those cold nights.


The food supply is essential. Whenever possible, bring enough on your entire stay. Trekking down from that secluded mountain on the store and back will take a whole day. Try to pack all the dry food because your can. It keeps well and does not require refrigeration. Bring potatoes, pasta, and rice for your carbohydrates; beans and dried meat to your protein; canned vegetable and fruit for vitamins and minerals. Don't forget water. Cooking can be carried out using the local water because cooking will kill anything, however if you have and doubts regarding safety of the water supply, bring plenty of drinking water to consume.

Should your cabin has refrigeration, you can include eggs, fresh vegetable, and meat in your grocery list.


An initial aid kit is essential. Remember you may be quite taken from town, so emergency treatment may be needed. You can aquire a basic emergency first aid kit at any large drug or superstore. It must include bandages, gauze, disinfectant, scissors, razor blades, and aspirin. And, remember the snake bite kit.


Every trip in the mountains need matches, bring plenty. The list of necessities for safety and convenience should contain, a flashlight with extra batteries, a sheath knife or at best a sizable pocket knife, dish soap and laundry soap, candles, as well as a watch. On your enjoyment, bring books, cards and games to learn. Additionally, remember your toiletries and towels if they are not given. lake arrowhead cabin rentals


Posted Sep 29, 2015 at 9:11am