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having difficulty connecting Jawbone Bluetooth

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3) I can use the detachable microphone just fine (meaning if i detach it from the headset I can use it . and from sound quality I'm quite certain it's not using my internal laptop mic.

4) The microphone does not work when sol republic tracks hd it's connected to my headset however on this computer. There is no sound pickup sol republic headphones at all (the bars do not go up on the recording devices tab)

5) The fatality headset mic does work on my friend's computer of which he has a standalone sound card even if it's connected .

I am on a laptop with a realtek integrated sound card (most likely integrated. not sure. someone wanna give me quick confirmation test?) and the microphone will not work when it's connected to the headset and yes I am sure the "mic on" switch is on from the headset. I am on windows 7 premium 64-bit. Any ideas?

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Posted May 24, 2013 at 11:24pm