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Ladybug Landslide

New single up Saturday Feb. 25th 2012!


Genres: Rock / Indie / Alternative

Location: Nashville, TN

Stats: 369 fans / 21,920 plays / 72 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Marshall Lee: vox, guitar, drums, bass




Ladybug Landslide is a acoustic, indie rock band from Nashville, TN comprised solely of Marshall Lee. Everything you hear in the songs is written and played by Marshall due to his ability to play and perform on multiple instruments. What started out as a getaway from playing drums in bands led to a full time obsession with his melodic acoustic songs.

Beginning in July of 2007 Ladybug Landslide started doing small tours throughout the northeast and midwest. In 2008 Marshall recorded a full length cd and did a few small tours followed by another month of touring playing opening slots for many of today's bigger indie acts. In addition to the regional touring Ladybug Landslide has toured to Alaska twice. Since then Ladybug Landslide has released 3 more cd's on iTunes, one being a split with another artist called Backseat Goodbye as well as a Dashboard Confessional cover song and several singles. Now in 2012 Marshall is releasing a single each month for the next 5 months the first of which is called "Where you are" which features Marshall playing all of the instruments and is more aggressive than his previous material.

ALL MUSIC CAN BE FOUND ON ITUNES, AMAZON and other online distributors.

Ladybug Landslide can be dropped into the same genera with bands such as The Spill Canvas, City&Colour, Dashboard Confessional, Jimmy Eat World and The Goo Goo Dolls.


  • Frenchgirl said:
    =) Jul 27
  • ashleybear912 said:
    you remind me of David Lehr he's sooo cute!! and his music is amazing! www.purevolume.com/thedavidlehr Jul 27
  • paint.it.over.twice said:
    I couldn't help but love! *fan* Thanks for the download! Jul 26
  • Ed Allison said:
    I love the acoustic vibe that you create, and I have much respect for the solo act of a singer songwriter. The music is touching, the vocals are great, I'll be looking forward to more. Jul 26
  • Orange Amp Store.com said:
    Dig the tunes! Think of Orange Amp Store.com if you need any Orange gear. Join our friend list to stay updated on new gear.....All the best! Jul 26
  • Joel palmer said:
    you have a great sound im def going to spread the word about you Jul 26
  • Amy said:
    Damn i wish you had free downloads! Jul 20
  • emmy! said:
    You have yourself a brand new fan right here! First, I'd just like to say, your name is beast. & Your music was love at first listen! Thanks so much for the downloads! You are amazing. Jun 29
  • Matttt! said:
    Six Years In The South Jun 08
  • CyanidesMyWeaponChoice said:
    LOVEE THIS! your voice is stuck in my head! you have such a beautiful voice! Feb 10
  • Sandra said:
    you have very beautiful music. Feb 09
  • **Amy** said:
    Thank you for the downloads! Feb 07
  • Ali Pullen said:
    OMGG THANK YOU FOR THE DOWNLOADS!!! its gunna be like all that'll be playing on my ipod :) you are veryy amazing. thanks for everything Feb 07
  • Maria said:
    i likeeee it))))) Jan 27
  • Calista said:
    Awh hey Marshall! I hope you remember me... I met you at a show in Spfld, MO with Vanessa and Chad a little over a year ago. & I bought one of your shirts and you posted a pic of me wearing it on your MySpace haha. We talked a little before I deleted my account. Well anyway I'm glad to see you're still doing well with your music! Hope to catch you at a show again soon. :) xoxo, Calista Jan 25


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